GSIUXD is a free community set on Discord for UX designers who want to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge.

Once you join the Discord server, you need to choose one of the 20 roles available. Each of them represents an expertise area. For example, you can choose a web designer or brand designer role depending on what you work on on a daily basis. After you choose a role, you will have access to more channels, most of them depending on the role you choose.

Additionally, members of the community participate in weekly challenges. These are announced in the #events channel but they are live-streamed in the #design channel. The community has general and some topic-specific sections to discuss design topics. The general section is to share good and bad design, interesting stuff, and design quotes. The specific channels discuss different types of design, such as visual design, motion graphics, illustration, etc.

Besides, you can learn about design by participating in the GSIUXD webinars and exploring the "learning" section. Lastly, GSIUXD has great resources such as courses, books, case studies, and design assets.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Amount of members: 9,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Access incredible resources:
The community has a section with different types of materials. First, you find a courses section where members share links to external courses. There are also books, case studies, and design assets available.

Expand your knowledge:
As a designer, this community will contribute to your learning process. You will find channels for different areas of design and spaces to discuss general aspects as well.

Find a job:
The community has a "Careers" section. This is a space for members to post their profiles and check available jobs. There are also internship opportunities for design students.



No requirements.



Members frequently gather to solve the weekly challenge. It's posted on the "Events" channel. Once it appears there, you can find the instructions to solve it in the #design_challenge channel. It generally lasts 5 hours and you can participate by joining the live stream.

Learning Events

The community has a channel for members to share webinars and virtual events. In most cases, these events are hosted by the community. Sometimes, members agree on the best time to have the webinar. Webinars are free and they normally include a final Q&A section.

Networking Events

GSIUXD members interact through a Discord server. They conversate about design as a general field and they have some channels for more specific topics. There is a section called "Design Daily" that is used to share more casual content. You can find good and bad examples of design there. Also, there are design quotes and memes. Members have a channel dedicated to common questions. It is a space to find support and help others.

Content Library

GSIUXD has a resources section on the Discord server. As a member, you can join the book club. This is a channel to share top design books and create a digital library. Additionally, the community shares case studies to help members stay updated on the latest discoveries in design. If you are into more practical resources, the #design_assets channel is for you. Members share links to tools and additional resources such as templates and themes.


GSIUXD has a #courses channel in the "Resources" section. It has links to external courses. Most of them are free. In some cases, you will find lists of different courses on Coursera, Udemy, and other platforms.

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