Hack Club is a nonprofit network for high school and college students interested in learning how to code. Members meet in Slack channels to engage and ask their programming-related questions.

Its mission is to provide hands-on resources and a friendly environment for students to gain programming skills. Fostering an equity space to learn and meet new people, the Hack Club organizes meetups where participants go beyond the computer science concepts to build apps using just a laptop and internet connection.

You can be part of the community for free and access self-paced workshops, online events, AMAs, and thematic projects to build along with your peers. You'll find a lot of resources to start coding today without any experience required, and a large group of diverse students willing to help each other in the process.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Zach Latta

  • Amount of members: 11,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Peer support:
Join a global community of students and learn how to code in a collaborative environment. Participate in live meetings to code along with the group.

Ask your questions in the Slack community and participate in Hackatlons to build thematic projects with social impact.

Join a Hack Club or create one yourself to lead a members-guided project and attend weekly events.

Learning resources:
Follow self-paced workshops and build amazing beginner-friendly projects. The community believes that learning experiences shouldn't be taught like a class, and that's why every project is proposed in a creative and inclusive environment.

Legal support:
Be part of the Hack Club legal entity and gain nonprofit benefits to receive funding for your projects.


The community consists mainly of high school and college students. However, all students and teens can participate in Hack Club's activities.



Hack Club organizes online events and in-person coding sessions for learning how to self-manage projects. The students develop apps and other digital products while they meet fellow makers on the go.

Once a week, members of different Hack Clubs around the world gather, typically for about 1.5 hours, in high schools, community centers, or other teenage-friendly spaces.

The group leader help members (mostly beginners) to get started on a coding project. Students build websites, games, and mobile apps. They work at their own pace, and when the project it's finished, they present and demo their work.


Learning Events

Members meet in workshops and summer programs within the United States to build and launch websites, games, and more digital projects.

You can access the self-paced workshops to learn how to set up amazing projects, from games using basic coding concepts to full-stack apps using React.

Additionally, you can view upcoming High School Hackathons on Hack Club's website. These events are typically in-person, in different cities around the world. All hackathons are organized by individual Hack Groups from diverse high schools. The events are mostly intensive boot camps to group-code a certain project that will later be presented to the rest of the participants at the end of the event.

Networking Events

Hack Club has an active, supportive, and engaged online group on Slack. It has over 11K members from all over the world, who gather to answer coding questions and to provide feedback.

There are also many channels for diverse hobbies interests, which makes the online group an excellent place to just hang out and connect with others. Some examples of this type of channels are #lounge, #music, #film, #photography, #LGBTQ, etc.

Additionally, members participate in weekly networking events such as "Hack Night" (a weekly coding and hangout event in Zoom) and "Minecraft Monday". As a Hack Club member, you have also Zoom Pro, which allows you to plan and run your own events.

Content Library

You can access the Hack Club's scrapbook to discover shared by Hack Clubbers while they learn and create. The community offers an Open Source University where you can learn and build your own classes.

Benefits with other companies

Hack Club Bank is a fiscal sponsor that offers all types of projects a full-stack toolkit to raise and spend their funds. It also offers transparency mode as an option to show your finances on public pages. Additionally, Hack Club Bank projects receive their own “restricted funds” through the community's SVB bank account, the ability to use its EIN to apply for grants or funding, and other perks like Google Workspace.


Hack Club is a non-profit organization created to support young students from all over the world by offering high-quality programming resources and implementing a worldwide mentorship program.


"Getting more women in tech leadership starts in high school, and that's why I'm proud today to start supporting the Young Women's Fund at @hackclub, which helps high schoolers launch computer science clubs and build an online community." -Craig Newmark


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