#include C++ is a global community for C++ developers that fosters inclusion and diversity in the workplace. It's a space to learn, create, and gather in a safe environment.

Their main goal is to provide an inclusive and welcoming group where everyone can develop their skills and grow supported by peers. To achieve this, they run a Discord server and hosts conferences and events.

It's completely free to join, and everyone who shares their values is welcome, whether they belong to an unrepresented group or not.

Once in there, you will find resources to promote diversity and inclusion with your work. Besides, there's a toolbox for C++ conferences and several channels on Discord to discuss this topic.

Join to be part of an inclusive community seeking to impact the tech industry with actionable strategies and support. Besides, if you're from a hiring company, there are plenty of resources to help you build a better workplace.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Guy Davidson

  • Amount of members: 7,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join an inclusive community for developers:
There are a lot of online groups for developers to learn and create together, but not all of them offer a safe environment for people coming from underrepresented groups. By joining them, you will have the chance to advance your developer skills leveraging diversity and respect.

Learn and share:
Inside the Discord server, you can access several channels to learn C++ even if you don't have any experience. Besides, there is a specific channel to show and tell your projects, so it's the perfect place to ask for feedback and help.

Explore new tools:
As they are a large community of creators, you can see what other members are working on and what tools they're using to bring their ideas to life. These channels are excellent for inspiration and to explore how to build your projects using the best technologies.

Attend conferences and events:
Following their mission of building an inclusive work environment, they organize conferences to gather diverse developers from all over the world. In addition, they have a dedicated channel to share events and from complementary and inclusive communities such as Women Who Code.

Job opportunities:
There's a channel to find job opportunities from companies looking to hire diverse teams. These are C++ job-related only, and only paid ones are allowed.


No requirements.


Learning Events

They host conferences and share events inside the #conferences channel. These events are curated and are designed to promote inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. One of the main topics they cover is related to accessibility for developers.

Besides, inside the Discord server, there are plenty of channels to request code review, code lives with fellow developers, and share learning resources.

Networking Events

This community mainly interacts inside Discord and Github. Once you join, you will find plenty of channels to connect with fellow C++ developers fostering inclusion. It's an excellent environment to grow your career surrounded by supportive peers, but also a place where you can expand your networks and discover hiring companies looking for your profile.

On the other hand, the community has several spaces to discuss specific aspects of programming such as security, performance, or accessibility. There, you can ask your questions, share support, and grow your knowledge in a welcoming place.

Content Library

They built a library of resources and toolbox for developers and companies. Inside these libraries, you will find actionable advice on embracing accessibility and building a team based on inclusion.


As they are committed to impacting the industry with resources and new opportunities for minorities, #Include C++ offers scholarships and free resources. If you're part of an underrepresented group or a junior programmer, you can apply for scholarships to attend major conferences.

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