Indians Who Design is an online directory of Indian designers. It allows diverse Indians to get visibility and showcase their work.

The community focuses on providing an open space for networking. The idea is to meet new people, find guidance, and find new peers to bounce ideas or hire fresh talent.

For this purpose, the community has created a directory of all the designers. If you are added to the directory you can request an edit to your profile. You can also nominate a friend (or yourself!) to be part of the directory. There are 22 different categories according to each person's occupation. Thus, the directory is a place to find designers, illustrators, animators, managers, and even CEOs, among others.

Generally, each profile has the person's social media accounts and a basic description of each member.



Expand your network:
This community allows you to connect with colleagues from different areas of knowledge. You can interact with illustrators and managers, among other roles in the design field.

Boost your career:
You can nominate yourself to be part of the community's directory. Having a profile there will show your talent to others. This might be an opportunity to create teamwork or to get a new career opportunity.


To be part of the community's directory you need to nominate yourself. You can do this through a Google Form.


Networking Events

Members of Indians Who Design appear in the community's members directory. You can use the directory to find like-minded peers in the same field as you and connect with them to bounce off ideas and exchange knowledge. On the other hand, being in the directory opens new doors to getting hired.

Content Library

The community offers a directory of professionals in the area of design. It's divided into 22 categories. Thus, you can find people with different backgrounds and roles. There are founders, CEOs, managers, and designers focused on different fields, such as UX, illustration, etc.


Indians Who Design is a great initiative for Indians to get visibility, obtain new career opportunities, and showcase their work.

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