InnovatorsRoom is a Slack community for founders, VCs, and other innovators. It's a space where members engage to build new connections and find new job opportunities in the field. The community keeps high-level standards, and for joining in you need to indicate your job role and availability.

The community participates in webinars where topics such as diversity, fundraising, investing, job interview preparing and useful industry tools are discussed.

Within the community, you'll find job opportunities, events, learning resources, and networking opportunities to expand your connections.

InnovatorsRoom has 3,000+ members seeking to learn the best practices to implement tech/ startup projects. Join to enhance your career in Venture Capital surrounded by like-minded professionals.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Amount of members: 5,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: Virtual


Job opportunities:
If you're a company, you can post a job opportunity, and if you're seeking to fit in a better position, you can apply to curated job positions.

Access to a newsletter for staying updated with the latest news within the industry.

Like-minded community:
Engage in a high-standard community where members are carefully selected to match your profile. Make new connections and discover more business opportunities.


You need to fill a form and wait until the team's revision to get accepted.


Learning Events

The community offers webinars and learning experiences within the Slack community.

Networking Events

Members engage in a private Slack community where they exchange their wisdom and participate in learning events.


Content Library

You can watch webinars replay shared on their Twitter account.

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