JetBrains is a company that creates tools and products for software developers. It has a free Slack group for its users to interact.

It's completely free to enter the JetBrains Slack group, you only need to input your email to request an invitation. Inside, you will find like-minded software developers from all over the world discussing all things software and plugin development.

You can also use this online group to talk about diverse JetBrains products. Lastly, the Slack group is great to get direct support and assistance from the JetBrains team whenever you use their products.

On the other hand, don't forget to check out JotBtains' resources. They regularly organize webinars and have multiple newsletters as well as industry reports.

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Better leverage JetBrains tools:
By joining the JetBrains Slack group, you will be able to have direct access to the company's staff for quick support and assistance. Besides, JetBrains organizes webinars for users to make the most out of their products.

Connect with other JetBrains users:
It's completely free to join JetBrains' Slack group, and it will allow you to connect with like-minded software developers from all over the world.


To join the community, you first need to request an invitation to the Slack group.


Learning Events

JetBrains organizes diverse webinars regularly, so users can learn to better leverage each one of JetBrains' products.

Networking Events

Members connect and interact within JetBrains' Slack group. Inside, you can talk with other plugin developers and the JetBrains staff about plugin development.

There are dedicated channels for each of the IntelliJ-based IDEs, as well as ReSharper, Space, TeamCity, the Gradle IntelliJ plugin, and the Plugin Verifier. This way, JetBrains' users have diverse places to discuss each one of JetBrains' products according to their needs.

Content Library

Besides watching JetBrains' recordings of past webinars, you can also browse JetBrains' multiple newsletters or industry reports.


"IntelliJ IDEA is undoubtedly the top-choice IDE for software developers." -Mary Grygleski


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