Joinly is a free community for startups to get user feedback. This allow founders to develop their ideas to better suit their target audience's needs. Founded in 2019, Joinly is a space for startup owners to interact and network with other businesses.

The community works by letting members post their startups on the online platform. Other users can follow them and learn about their updates and recent news. This way, members can have a say on business decisions from the startups they want to support, by giving ideas and feedback.

To give feedback, users can post comments about a startup idea, website, app, or any additional part of the business. Other members can comment, upvote, and downvote the feedback. This gives the startup owner a clear idea of what users want and desire.

Getting feedback is essential for any new business to improve and thrive. Joinly lets you get (for free) that valuable feedback to skyrocket your startup growth. 


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Build community:
On Joinly, you can post your startup and build a community around it, letting people follow you and interact with your brand to improve your decisions and develop your startup faster and better.

Share updates and engage with your customers:
You can post your planned developments and get opinions from your community followers. On the other end, you can join communities from startups you wish to support and learn about recent news and updates from them.

Receive feedback from real users:
Joinly is built to help you recollect feedback from users that follow your startup on the platform. Members can give you ideas and leave comments about your website, app, or startup in general. Other people can upvote or downvote those comments. The feedback helps you to better develop your idea according to users' needs and wants.



No requirements.



Joinly's members don't have regular, scheduled meetings. Instead, they interact on the online platform where members can give feedback to startups, helping them to improve user experience and features in general. Members can also post their own startups and projects to receive feedback from different users.

Learning Events

The feedback and insights you can collect on the Joinly platform constitute invaluable learning opportunities. The outside perspective users can give on your startup will help you grow and evolve faster, adapting your project to consumers' desires and improving the user experience.

Furthermore, you can read comments that people let on users' feedback to get even more insights. This feedback can also be upvoted or downvoted by other users, which is very helpful to see what other people feel about a certain idea.

Networking Events

To facilitate conversations and to encourage networking inside the community, the Joinly team is working on adding discussion threads on the platform, just like a forum. They also want to add channels, to categorize ideas and discussions and help members find them easily.

However, you can also network with the existing Joinly features. For example, by following startups and letting other members follow yours. You can also consult the startup directory to directly contact founders and make meaningful connections.

Content Library

Joinly has a dedicated section of Featured Startups, where they highlight recently launched startups from the community's members. You can also add yours if it's already launched. This dedicated section of Joinly allows you to find founders and products to collaborate with around the globe.


"Just checked it out, what a great platform!" -Reddit User

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