Journalists of Color (JOCs) is a free community and Slack group for people of color who work in journalism or a related field.

The community works through a Slack group. Members use the group to find like-minded people, bounce off ideas, and share knowledge.

To join you need to submit a Google form. It will ask you for your personal information and to prove your identity with one of three options:

  1. Post "Verifying myself for the Journalists of Color Slack." in a public tweet or another public social account message.
  2. Post the words “Lift as you climb.” in a public tweet or another public social account message
  3. Upload your CV or portfolio.

After your application is accepted, you get access to the Slack group.

Additionally, the community offers resources such as a Twitter list to follow the latest updates and a document with tips to deal with online harassment. You can also check out the five style guides provided by JOCs, related communities, and other projects the community is currently working on.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Access useful resources:
JOCs has several resources such as a Twitter list with the latest community updates, a document with tips against online harassment, style guides, and more.

Join an active community:
JOCs members have access to a group on Slack. It's a space to communicate and exchange experiences with other journalists of color.


To join, you need to submit an application through a Google form and verify your identity.


Networking Events

Members of Journalists of Color interact through a Slack group. It's a safe, supportive space for journalists of color to gather and share ideas and thoughts. The group is exclusive to verified members and guarantees a way of resisting online harassment.

Content Library

The community has several resources, such as a Twitter list that keeps track of all the latest members' tweets, tips for dealing with online harassment, five style guides, related communities, and other projects on which JOC is working.

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