Kernal is a free community that gathers startup founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. The platform allows you to build in public.

By creating a free Kernal account, you can share your startup idea with the world. The platform is useful to share your idea with a trusted community of like-minded founders.

Additionally, sharing your idea will allow you to collect relevant feedback from other founders. Once your idea is live on the platform, members can share their honest feedback with comments, upvotes, and questions.

On the other hand, Kernal allows you to team up with others to execute your vision. Since building can be lonely, you can amplify your efforts by connecting with potential co-founders or key hires that share the same passion for your idea. Moreover, this platform is great for accountability, since you can set milestones, celebrate your progress, and share your learnings and experiences with others. Members also use the platform to ask questions and request advice.

Lastly, Kernal can be a fantastic option to meet investors and raise funds. You can engage investor contacts from the beginning. And to top it all off, you can access members-exclusive discounts and perks on software products to ramp up your startup performance.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Founders:

    Alex Simpson

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get top feedback from founders and investors:
Conversate with industry experts and founders that have been in your shoes and start building relationships with investors early on. Meet with world-class founders, advisors, and investors.

Meet a co-founder and attract key hires:
By joining Kernal, you can meet potential co-founders just by hanging out in the community. Building in public also allows you to reduce friction and attract the best, most suited talent for your business.

Enjoy exclusive discounts:
Kernal's partnership portal includes access to hundreds of offers, members-exclusive discounts, and perks on top software products to ramp up your startup performance.


Since this community is invite-only, you'll need to provide your email to request access and wait to receive an invite.


Networking Events

By joining Kernal, you will be able to access startup ideas from other founders and have conversations with entrepreneurs and investors about all things startups. It's also a great platform for building in public, providing you with helpful feedback and accountability. Members use the platform mostly to expand their professional network and get fresh insights from like-minded peers.

Content Library

Once you get access to the community, you will get access to a content library with all previous newsletter issues. Additionally, you will get full access to all Kernal articles and be subscribed to the community's newsletter. To begin with, you can check out a free, complete Startup Quick Start Guide.

Benefits with other companies

A Kernal membership allows you to save money on diverse products, unlocking exclusive perks and discounts on startup tools in the community's partnership portal.


" is awesome! I’ve already been able to share & build a few ideas thanks to their platform." -Daniel Scott Mitchell

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