Latinxs Who Design is a directory of Latin Americans in the design industry. You can join for free to gain visibility and meet new peers.

The Latinxs Who Design directory features Latin American talents from diverse expertise areas. These include not only designers, but also writers, engineers, illustrators, animators, speakers, founders, and more. Each entry in the directory includes a picture, location, Twitter profile, website, and a brief description of the person.

You can filter by expertise area to find diverse professionals. The directory is great for you to meet other people in the design industry and connect with them. You can use the community to make new friends, bounce off ideas, and expand your professional network. Moreover, the community has a Slack group where members can connect with each other and chat in real-time.

Additionally, appearing in the Latinxs Who Design directory will help you gain visibility to recruiters and people looking for speakers and podcast guests. It can spark some interesting new career opportunities!

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Showcase your talent:
By joining the Latinxs Who Design directory, you will be able to showcase your expertise and social media links to recruiters and peers who are looking to expand their network.

Find like-minded people:
Latinxs Who Design has a Slack group that allows you to connect with Latin American peers who are working in the design industry. You will be able to bounce off ideas and exchange knowledge while you make new friends.


No requirements.


Networking Events

The Latinxs Who Design directory provides a space to find outstanding people to follow, look for a mentor, make new friends, or discover talented individuals to join your team. It's great to expand your professional network and diversify the voices you are drawing inspiration from. It can even be a source of new, exciting career opportunities!

Additionally, you can join the community's Slack group to chat in real time with members of the directory.


Latinxs Who Design helps to diversify the design industry by showcasing Latin American talents in diverse expertise areas.

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