Lunar Academy is a free Discord server and a Web3 marketing academy that offers online courses for people to accelerate their Web3 marketing career.

The community's purpose is to provide tools and strategies for marketers, project owners, and community managers to learn Web3 marketing. The Discord server has 5 available roles for you to choose from: Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads Marketing, Social Media Management, Community Manager, and Public Relationships & Partnership. Once you join, you can choose any of these.

The Lunar Academy Discord server has 4 main sections: Information, Community, Jobs & Opportunities, and Fun Corner. The first one has important links to the community websites. You can also find a trained mentor from the community there. All of them have experience in NFTs, crypto, and Web3. This section has also a library where Lunar Academy members can find all articles published by Lunar Academy.

On the other hand, the community section has a channel to introduce yourself. There is also a general chat and specific chats according to the role you chose in the onboarding process.

The third section (Jobs & Opportunities) has career tips to find a job. There is a channel where you can upload your CV, a job offers space, and another channel with extra links where you can find a job. Lastly, the Fun Corner section is a space dedicated to free interaction among members. They generally chat about off-topic subjects such as food, memes, and gaming.

On the community's website, you can find different web3 marketing courses. Although the community's main features are free, these courses require a paid membership. There are two options: Lunar Web3 Pass and Lunar Academy. The first membership costs $1999. It gives you full access to all Lunar Academy courses, mentoring sessions, and the chance to publish monthly articles about you or your project. On the other hand, the Lunar Academy membership costs $395 and includes 7 Web3 courses, additional resources, and a completion certificate.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Tim Haldorsson

  • Amount of members: 300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find a mentor:
Lunar Academy provides trained mentors to help members reach their goals. They have experience in NFTs, crypto, and Web3. You can choose one that matches your interests according to their profile in the #team-mentors channel.

Find a job:
The community has a whole section to help members find a job. You have tips to improve your CV, a space to upload it, and a job board to search for a good job. Additionally, the community provides extra links to external job boards.

Access incredible resources:
The community has a section to share articles published by Lunar Academy. These articles discuss relevant Web3 and marketing topics and all of them have been written by the community's team of experts.


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community occasionally hosts some learning events. At the beginning of the server, you will find an "Events" section. It's always updated with upcoming events, which always include special guests who approach a relevant topic in the Web3 marketing industry.

Networking Events

The community gathers through a Discord server. It's divided into four main sections to guarantee organized members' networking and conversation. There are two sections for free interaction: on the one hand, the Community section provides a space for new members to introduce themselves. You also can participate in general and specific chats to talk with people with your same roles.

Additionally, the Fun Corner section creates a chill atmosphere for members to get to know each other by sharing off-topic interests. For example, they discuss food, share memes, and talk about gaming.

Content Library

Lunar Academy's Discord server has an article library to share useful content for web3 marketers. This channel has articles written by members of the Academy or the community's founder.


Lunar Academy offers some paid courses about building partnerships, getting started with Web3, and other related topics. Although the Discord community is totally free, these courses require members to get a paid membership. There are two options:

  • Lunar Web3 Pass: it costs $1999 and offers full access to Lunar Academy, mentoring sessions, a private Discord server, monthly articles published in the community about you or your project, and access to private Web3
    networking events.
  • Lunar Academy: it costs $395 and includes 7 courses, resource documents, access to email templates for pitching,



"As a Web3 marketer, I understand how tough it is to acquire the proper web3 marketing skills to make an impact on the crypto industry. I'm glad to see Lunar developed a specialized web3 marketing course designed specifically to help beginners familiarise themselves with the field and learn from professionals in order to become experts themselves!" Lohit Boruah.

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