The Make a Living Writing community is a space with resources and support for freelance writers. As a member, you gain access to 300+ hours of exclusive training boosted with peer support.

To access this community, you have to pay a $40 monthly fee. Membership ensures your spot in the community and gives you access to the whole library of resources. Besides, there is a curated job board to help you find new freelance projects.

If you are looking to grow your writing freelance career, this community is surely a great place to start. But as they take the community quality very seriously, you first need to join a waitlist until approval.

As a member, you gain access to a forum with spaces to ask your questions, receive feedback and discuss fair rates to charge for your work. In addition, membership includes hundreds of hours of training and bootcamps to help you find more clients and refine your marketing strategy.

Sign up for the waiting list to find support, guidance, and curated resources in a community for freelance writers.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Founders:

    Carol Tice

  • Amount of members: 12,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community for freelance writers:
They have a private community for freelancers called Freelance Writers Den, where you can connect with fellow professionals from all over the world. It's a hub where you can find exclusive resources, support, and learning materials to uplevel your skills and gain more clients.

Improve your marketing strategy:
Have you ever struggled with closing a sale or finding high-quality job opportunities? Well, the community knows how hard it could be to work as a freelancer and facilitates a lot of resources to help its member find more online work. In addition to the forum where you can ask your specific questions, there are also channels to ask for reviews and advice in order to improve your showcasing to attract more clients.

Connect with experts:
With Q&A channels, you can stay in touch with expert writers to leverage their wisdom and discover new perspectives. Take advantage of these spaces to learn from people who have been working in freelance writing for years, and accelerate your career by following their personalized advice.

Discover curated job opportunities:
They have a junk-free job board where you can find exclusive online work opportunities. It's private and members-only to ensure only the community can access these job opportunities.

  • Monthly Cost


You need to sign up for the waiting list until the Den reopens.


Learning Events

Membership includes 300+ hours of training and bootcamps to learn marketing strategies for closing sales and improving your work.

Besides, they organize live Q&A sessions with expert writers willing to support your career development with their experience.

Networking Events

They built a self-hosted community called the Freelance Writers Den, which works as a hub where freelance join to learn, connect, and discover new job opportunities.

The Den is a forum where you can ask your specific questions, request LinkedIn profile reviews, and improve your writing skills. In addition, you will find semi-monthly podcasts on freelance writing niches and expert live sessions to clear the doubts you might have regarding freelance work.

Content Library

Inside the resources section, you will find free useful information on how to start and consolidate your career as a freelance writer. Besides, they have blog posts with lists of sites where you can go in search of work and exclusively curated resources about how you should charge your fees and how to outstand from the crowd.

Moreover, they offer free ebooks with practical and actionable tips to accelerate your career.


"I’ve been a member of the Den for a few years, starting when I was just contemplating going full time. From the forums, to the bootcamps, to the Thursday calls, there’s a wealth of information for whatever point you’re at in your freelance career. I’ve been able to quadruple my income!" -Larry Bernstein

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