Metaschool is a web3 education platform with lots of online courses, as well as a free community with a Discord server that gathers 18,400+ members.

It's completely free to join Metaschool's platform and Discord server. On the one hand, the Discord server allows you to connect and interact with like-minded web3 professionals and enthusiasts. Members use the server to make new friends and expand their professional network. Additionally, this community allows you to share experiences and exchange key insights with others.

On the other hand, Metaschool has lots of courses on its platform for you to start your web3 journey. These courses contain simple explanations of key blockchain protocols and concepts and follow user-friendly learning paths. Moreover, you will get a course completion NFT after you complete each course.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Fatima Rizwan

  • Amount of members: 18,400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Connect and build with like-minded individuals in web3:
Metaschool's Discord server is a great place to connect and interact with like-minded people who are also web3 professionals or enthusiasts. You can leverage the server to make new friends and expand your professional network.

Learn web3 key concepts:
By browsing through Metaschool's courses, you will see that the community has lots of user-friendly tutorials that feature simple explanations of key blockchain protocols and concepts to get your web3 journey started.

Participate in engaging events:
Besides generating useful and relevant web3 content, Metaschool also hosts diverse events, which include online coding bootcamps and live sessions with web3 experts.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Metaschool organizes diverse activities, such as online coding camps and organized Twitter and Discord sessions featuring influential figures and companies in Web3.

Networking Events

By entering the Metaschool Discord server, you will encounter a powerful community and a driven group of builders learning how to leverage web3 to build dApps. The Discord server has over 18,400 members from all over the world. It's a great place to chat in real-time with like-minded peers and expand your professional network.

Content Library

Metaschool has a blockchain database with 65+ entries, where you can browse diverse blockchains and find information on each one of them.


Metaschool's website includes user-friendly tutorials with simple explanations of blockchain protocols and concepts. By browsing and completing the community's courses, you will master in-demand web3 skills with the help of well-thought learning paths on blockchain ecosystems.

Additionally, when you complete the courses you will receive course completion NFTs. These act as proof-of-work badges to flex your web3 skills to potential employers. They also give access to paid courses, limited edition NFT collections, and entry to closed events.


"I was looking for some tutorials to start my journey in web3 development, and then I found this @0xmetaschool. Fantastic website, talented mentors, and interactive activities. I really enjoyed learning. I recommend to every student who has a passion for web3." -Syed Huzaifa


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