Mocha Moms is a non-profit organization established in 1997. The community gathers moms of color in different local, in-person chapters around the United States, to share parenting experiences and to rely on a support group from which to draw strength and knowledge to grow as a mother and community leader.

Local chapters host weekly meetings where members join to chat and share experiences. Monthly, there are also special events like night-outs and get-togethers, where moms can hang out and spend quality time with each other. Additionally, you can join other events like activities with the children, guest speakers, and community service initiatives.

To join, you have to pay an annual membership. There are different member levels:

  • At-large membership:
    Allows you to participate in all Mocha Moms' online activities, but not on local chapters. However, you will receive communications from all the chapters. Annual fee: $25.
  • Local chapter affiliation:
    To join a local chapter and participate in all the in-person and online activities. Annual fee: $50.
  • Dual membership:
    Allows you to join two chapters in the same or in different cities. Annual fee: $75.

Besides participating in local chapters, by being a member you can access a member-only online section that serves as a forum to share information and knowledge. You will also receive member-exclusive content from an email newsletter that includes articles, recipes, and tips for mom life in general.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Founders:

    Cheli-English Figaro

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person


Participate in local chapters in the United States:
There are 100+ Mocha Mom's chapters available in different states of the United States. Network and connect with other moms of color in a support group that's all about parenting, community service projects, and the life of moms in general.

Sisterhood for moms of color:
Mocha Moms' mission is to build a community of women that understand each other perspectives. Shared experiences can teach a lot, and you will be able to share your knowledge to help other moms as well.

Member-exclusive newsletter:
By being a member of Mocha Moms, you receive hand-picked, curated information with articles, recipes, news, and different tips for moms. The information is shared from chapters nationwide.

Member's only online section:
Mocha Moms' website has an online support network where you can discuss community-related topics in a forum format, as well as get access to past newsletters, news, and photos from the chapters.

Participate in community service activities:
Volunteer with other moms on different initiatives designed to help communities from the United States and abroad.

  • Yearly Cost



No requirements.



Mocha Moms hosts weekly meetings in different states of the United States. The meetings are designed to serve as a support group for moms of color, doing activities with or without children. Mocha Moms also organizes monthly, special get-togethers and other events like bringing guest speakers, and doing community service together.

Learning Events

Occasionally, the community will invite guest speakers to discuss relevant topics for moms. These are excellent opportunities for members to grow and evolve as moms. You can leverage these events to bring questions and get the answers you need.

Networking Events

Mocha Moms have weekly local chapters where support groups gather to talk about their most pressing issues at parenting and about life in general. Additionally, there are monthly get-togethers where moms get out to socialize without children. These are awesome opportunities to network and develop deeper bonds with the rest of the members of the community.

The group support meetings are often called "playgroups" because many moms bring their children. This is also a great opportunity for children to socialize and make new friends.

Lastly, the community has national networks that communicate virtually, addressing certain segments of the Mocha Moms' community.

The networks are:

  • Homeschooling Network
  • Marriage Support Group
  • Military Mochas
  • Mochapreneur Network
  • Mochas Supporting Special Needs Children
  • Mochas with Adult Children (MAC)
  • Tweens and Teens Network
  • Mocha Singles (Coming Soon)

These are private networks that every member of Mocha Moms can join in order to find additional support.

Benefits with other companies

By being a member of the Mocha Moms' community, you can benefit from exclusive discounts on tickets for national, regional, and state conferences. You will also receive special invites to exclusive events and activities.


"I became a Mocha Mom because when I became first-time mother I don't think I've realized the strength that I drew from other mothers who were going through the same thing." -Kuae Mattox

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