No es asunto vuestro is a paid, Spanish community for entrepreneurs to learn how to build successful businesses from others' experiences.

The community focuses on helping members to build and scale their own businesses while surviving entrepreneurship ordeals. The membership of No es asunto vuestro costs €10 a month. It gives you access to masterminds sessions, a weekly newsletter, a resource library, podcast episodes, audio courses, and a private group on Discord.

Masterminds are weekly events where special guests and successful entrepreneurs explain their business' evolution over time. These are great opportunities to learn from others' experiences and adjust your actions accordingly.

On the other hand, every Tuesday at 7 AM you will receive the community's weekly newsletter. It has not only news and entrepreneurship trends, but also tips and growth strategies. Additionally, each Friday at 7 AM you will receive another email. This one gathers recommendations that community members suggest, and include recommendations on websites, apps, podcasts, gadgets, books, movies, and more.

Moreover, the community's podcast has a new weekly episode, also each Friday at 7 AM. Episodes are both in audio and video format. The community's podcast focuses on common questions, how-to issues, and recommendations from experts. Furthermore, No es asunto vuestro develops diverse audio courses. Each Monday there is a new one available, that covers topics such as finances, marketing, productivity, and more.

Lastly, members of No es asunto vuestro connect and interact inside a Discord server. This is the perfect place to find like-minded people who also enjoy the entrepreneurship world. The server is useful to ask questions, create collaborations, share knowledge, and expanding your professional network.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Victor Correal

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Access new audio courses every week:
The community launches new audio courses every Monday. By listening to them, you can expand your knowledge of business, marketing, finance, podcasting, and content creation, among other relevant topics.

Participate in masterminds:
Masterminds are weekly events where industry experts and successful entrepreneurs explain their businesses' evolution over time, including their challenges, successes, and failures.

Find useful resources:
The community has its own newsletter and podcast and recommends additional material to continue learning. You can find recommendations on books, podcast episodes, other websites, apps, and more.


No requirements.



Members of No es asunto vuestro gather in weekly masterminds. These sessions aim to bring together experts and learners in business discussions. Each mastermind is directed by a different guest. Generally, the speaker narrates his/her experience and their business evolution over time.

Networking Events

The community has a private Discord server for members to connect and interact with each other. By participating, you can find hundreds of like-minded founders and entrepreneurs. It's an opportunity to discuss diverse entrepreneurship topics, create collaborations, and share knowledge. Members also share tools and resources for entrepreneurs.

Content Library

The community launches new podcast episodes every Friday at 7 AM. The podcast is mainly about entrepreneurship and business, and you can find it both in video and audio formats.

Additionally, No es asunto vuestro releases a weekly newsletter every Tuesday at 7 AM. It comprises news, trends, tips, and general strategies for entrepreneurs.

Moreover, you will receive another email on Fridays with a collaborative newsletter. This includes resources suggested by members, including books, movies, TV shows, newsletters, podcasts, websites, and apps.


No es asunto vuestro has several audio courses available for members. Every Monday there is a new audio course available, on topics such as finance, marketing, podcasting, business, and content creation.

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