Nucode is a community for makers and experts building products using no-code tools. They have created a friendly space where you can learn and ask for help to launch your business.

With learning resources and pre-made templates, you can build your skills to use top industry platforms. Create innovative apps, templates, and communities using resources designed to accelerate your launching.

Showcase your work and promote your business to reach a broader audience, and connect with experts when you need assistance. Share your progress and discover people working on similar products.

You can join for free and be part of a dedicated network for professionals looking to expand their reach in a collaborative space. Organize in-person and virtual meetups to engage in the community and attend workshops and webinars to build with your peers.

Create your profile and add your hourly rate to get hired for amazing projects within the network.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Joe Brown

  • Amount of members: 5,400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Nucode build:
Discover how to implement specific features and learn about top tools in one place.

They have a dedicated place for templates and resources used by other members. Find products launched using those platforms and interact with other makers who have experience in using them.

Showcase your work:
Show your creations to the world and receive comments to improve features. Discover what fellow makers are working on and give your feedback to help them thrive.

Join a community of no-coders:
Participate in discussions and post your specific questions to engage with fellow creators. Discover experts to hire and collaborate with.



No requirements.



Nucode fellows organize meetups and events in-person and virtual. You can find worldwide gatherings to connect and learn with other members.

Learning Events

Join in virtual webinars, AMAs, and workshops where you'll have the chance to build along with experts.

You can also create your own event and collaborate with no-code peers.

Networking Events

Members engage in an open public space to chat about everything. You can create a profile and contact any member of the community by sending a private message. The platform targets people looking for job opportunities, so you can show your hourly rate to simplify the hiring process.

Within the network, you can find experts to ask for help share your projects to receive feedback. Take advantage of the platform to connect with makers around the world and expand your reach.

Content Library

Access a library with tools and templates to launch your products quickly.


They have a learning section where you can take free courses on building with no-code tools. You'll learn how to work with Bubble, Webflow, and Glide to bring your ideas to life.

From web apps to WordPress templates, you'll master top platforms to set up your business online.

Benefits with other companies

Get deals on top platforms to automatize your work and build no-code products. They offer discounts for Notion, Airtable, Zapier, Glide, and more.

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