OpenSpace is an AI tool that creates image representations of job sites. It has a free online forum for construction professionals.

OpenSpace uses reality capture and AI technology to visually document a job site. It generates Google Street-style views of the job site, facilitating tasks in the real estate and construction industries. To use the tool, you simply need to attach a 360 camera to your hard hat (or drone) when you want to capture the site (for example, during a routine inspection or site walk) and hit “Go” on the app.

Besides this tool, OpenSpace has a free community for other OpenSpace members and construction professionals to connect and interact with each other. You can use the forum to ask questions about OpenSpace or to conversate about industry-related topics.

On the other hand, OpenSpace's website has an Events section that allows you to find global industry events. These include not only virtual events like webinars and workshops but also conventions, expos, conferences, summits, and more.

Lastly, don't forget to check out OpenSpace's Resource Center and Support section to find valuable resources to better leverage the tool and expand your industry knowledge.




Connect with other construction professionals:
OpenSpace's online forums allow you to connect with hundreds of OpenSpace users and construction professionals from all over the world.

Attend global industry events:
On OpenSpace's website, you will find an events page that lists global industry events. These include workshops, webinars, conferences, expos, summits, conventions, and more.

Expand your knowledge:
You can use OpenSpace's resource center and support section to find valuable resources to expand your knowledge and better leverage the company's tools.



No requirements.


Learning Events

You can engage with other OpenSpace members at global industry events (such as expos, conferences, summits, conventions, etc.), workshops, and webinars.

Networking Events

OpenSpace members connect and interact inside an online forum. There, you can connect, learn, and innovate with like-minded construction professionals. There are three categories: Product & Usage, Community & Events, and Industry Chat & For Fun!

Content Library

The OpenSpace Resource Center includes case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, webinar recordings, data sheets, and podcast episodes for construction professionals.


"You can take 100 photos of every room manually, and I guarantee that the one photo you need won't be there. That's where OpenSpace is great. It captures sites thoroughly and fast, organizes imagery without any effort, and makes it searchable later when you need it." -Chris O'Neil


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