Out in Tech gathers the LGBTQ+ tech community in events, online channels, and networking spaces. It's a non-profit organization where you can find inspiration and learn from people envisioning equity and diversity.

Members work in top companies such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook. To join in, you need to fill an application form including your personal data, location, and interests. There are online chapters all over the world hosted on Slack, so chances are that you find a local chapter near your location.

Once you are accepted into the community, you can participate in local chapter channels. Besides, you can leverage the jobs channels to find local job opportunities.

Furthermore, you can participate in spaces to meet people sharing your same interests and identity.

Lastly, you can participate in online events to discuss industry insights, talk with experts, and expand your knowledge. They host cybersecurity conferences, talks about trending news, and host workshops designed to uplevel your professional skills.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Julia Cheng, Marc Dickstein, and Marcie Cheung

  • Amount of members: 40,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join an LGBTQ+ community for people in tech:
With spaces to share your struggles, discuss new strategies, and support each other, they built a safe community to connect and learn. As a member, you can be sure that you're joining an inclusive and diverse community that encourages you to keep learning and developing your career.

Attend local and online events:
With local meetups and online gatherings, the community meets to share, learn, and grow networks. These are spaces to connect with fellow professionals and students and work together to increase diversity in the tech ecosystem.

Job opportunities:
They have local job boards inside the Slack community. You can join channels near you and unlock new professional opportunities according to your skills.

Mentorship program:
If you are between 17 and 24 years old, there's a mentorship program that pairs LGBTQ+ with tech professionals for you to apply. It's a program that will help you develop skills and create meaningful relationships with experts in your industry.


To join the Slack community, you need to fill an application form and wait until acceptance.



    Local channels inside the Slack community:

    • #african
    • #argentina
    • #atlanta
    • #austin
    • #baltimore
    • #bangkok
    • #boston
    • #canada
    • #chicago
    • #cincinnati
    • #columbus
    • #dallas-fortworth
    • #dc
    • #denver
    • #detroit
    • #dublin
    • #france
    • #india
    • #indianapolis
    • #london
    • #los-angeles
    • #madrid
    • #miami
    • #midwest
    • #nashville
    • #netherlands
    • #nigeria
    • #north-carolina
    • #nyc
    • #omaha
    • #paris-fr
    • #pdx
    • #philadelphia
    • #phoenix
    • #pittsburgh
    • #providence-ri
    • #salt-lake-city
    • #san-diego
    • #san-jose
    • #seattle
    • #sf
    • #singapore
    • #south-africa
    • #sri-lanka
    • #stockholm
    • #sydney
    • #vancouver


They host local meetups in the local chapters to connect community members in leisure activities and workshops.

Besides, the mentorship program includes access to 2 events during the cohort. These events are hosted to facilitate connections among mentees and expert mentors.

Learning Events

You can apply for a mentorship program designed for individuals aged between 17 and 24 years old. This program paires LGBTQ+ young members with professionals working in the industry to develop skills needed for a successful career.

The program is free and entirely virtual, but you need to reside in the United States to participate. Once you apply, they will match you with a skilled professional willing to help you in the process of exploring your interests and building your career.

The schedule lasts 8 weeks and requires 2 hours/week of commitment. During this time, you will work on real-world problems to build your professional portfolio.

Networking Events

They host local chapters inside a Slack community. To join, you need to fill an application form and wait until acceptance. Once in there, you will find plenty of spaces to discuss with people who share your interests and identity.

Besides, there are local job boards and accountability channels to help you keep your goals on track.

On the other hand, the mentorship program offers several networking opportunities with professionals and students working in the tech industry.


To impact the LGBTQ+ tech community, they have developed a free mentorship program that matches members with expert mentors in their field. Besides, as a non-profit organization, they organize local chapters, events, and workshops, all for free.

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