Pando is an entrepreneurial community for people who is into the mountain lifestyle. They facilitate engagement and networking opportunities between professionals who share the same values and face similar challenges up in the mountains.

You can join if you're an entrepreneur, executive, capital provider, service provider, or expert in your field. Membership costs $200 yearly or $20 monthly and gives you access to a community with mutual-beneficial partnerships. They have a private Slack group to connect you with members who believe in the same values.

With regular meetings both in-person and online, you can stay in touch with an inner circle of professionals. Apply to uncover new growth opportunities in a network where collaborative knowledge is the basis to achieve success. Attend online events to learn new strategies and achieve entrepreneurial success surrounded by members committed to enriching the community union.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Justin Kahn

  • Amount of members: 140
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Virtual connections:
Be part of a members-only Slack group to discuss your passions and interests with like-minded people.

Programming events and resources:
Join in monthly and quarterly intimate experiences and receive consistently high-quality content.

Outdoors connections:
Connect with members who share your lifestyle values through outdoors pairing events organized by the community. Get inspired and join in relevant conversations with people living in the mountains.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost



Only entrepreneurs, executives, capital providers, service providers, and experts in a particular field can join the community.



Pando hosts Mountain events to ski with fellow members and discuss marketing-related topics in expert-led talks. They also have more virtual and in-person events where you can bring your own guests to participate.

Learning Events

The community organizes monthly and quarterly meetings with expert-led talks to discuss specific fields challenges based on members' needs.

They host daily, monthly, and quarterly programming events where you can share your ideas and get support to implement them. Quarterly events are in-person and include workshops, presentations, and learning opportunities to find inspiration and guidance.

Networking Events

They have a members-only Slack group where you can meet other people in tech who lives or want to move into the mountains. They host daily programming events to interact and support each other in their entrepreneurial journey.


"My first company outgrew Park City in 2013 after seven years with offices on Main Street. We were forced to relocate the company to Salt Lake City. I'm a supporter of Pando because I want businesses that start in mountain towns to have the option to stay and grow there." -Rick Lindquist, LegUp Health.

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