Phyton Discord is a free community with a Discord server and a subreddit that connects Phyton developers from all over the world.

It's completely free to join the community and there are no requirements, no matter your programming level. The Discord server has over 350,500 members worldwide, and the subreddit is one of the largest on the topic. If you are a developer who works with this programming language, the Phyton Discord community is a must.

Inside the Discord server, members enjoy general Phyton discussion, off-topic channels, and voice channels to code in real-time with others. Additionally, there are topic-specific channels and help channels. These latter channels are the place where members ask their Phyton questions.

There are over 100 dedicated helpers in the community who are constantly solving members' questions, giving feedback, and providing advice and tips. Overall, it's a great server to learn more about Phyton and find like-minded developers to bounce off ideas with.

Additionally, joining Phyton Discord will allow you to access many fun events. On the one hand, the community organizes Code Jams and Game Jams, which are group coding competitions. Teams have a specific set of time to complete a project and winners get juicy prices. The community also participates in other third-party Phyton events.

Lastly, make sure to check out the Phyton Discord resource library. It contains resources gathered over the years, which include books, podcasts, communities, tutorials, videos, tools, and more. Additionally, the community also offers members several Phyton guides to help them learn more about this programming language.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Joe Banks

  • Amount of members: 350,500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get deeper Phyton knowledge:
The Phyton Discord community is a great place to ask all your Phyton questions. There are over 100 dedicated helpers who will give you advice and provide you with tips to propel you forward.

Meet other developers:
Phyton Discord is a server with hundreds of thousands of Phyton developers from all over the world. You can join to meet like-minded programmers and even make new friends.

Participate in fun, engaging events:
The Phyton Discord community organizes Code Jams and Game Jams, fun coding competitions where winners get juicy prizes. Additionally, the community also participates in other third-party Phyton events.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Members of the Phyton Discord community participate in many fun, engaging events. On the one hand, they host Code Jams once or twice a year. These events are coding competitions where you will be paired up with a team of random members of the community. You will also have a theme and a specific technology to work with, and 8 days to create a project. The final projects will be judged by the server staff and winners will get juicy prices.

On the other hand, there are also Game Jams, the first of which happened in 2020. These are similar to Code Jams but smaller in scope. You can sign up individually or choose with whom to pair with. You will later have 10 full days to create a game using the technology provided by the community. Similar to Code Jams, the server staff will choose the winner.

Moreover, the Phyton Discord community also participates in other events, such as PyWeek and Advent of Code. During these events, the staff creates new channels in the server, specifically to discuss these events and talk with other participants.

Networking Events

This community mainly interacts on a Discord server. Inside, members participate in different channels and commonly use the server to ask questions, receive advice, and discuss all things Phyton. They also have career-related channels, off-topic channels, and topic-specific channels. Some of the latter are #databases, #security, #user-interfaces, #web-development, and #data-science-and-ai.

Besides the Discord server, they also have a subreddit and a GitHub community. Additionally, members are constantly interacting in the community's many events.

Content Library

The Phyton Discord community has created a big resource library over the years. You can filter resources according to your level (beginner or intermediate), type, payment tiers, and topic. Some of the resources include books, communities, courses, podcasts, tools, tutorials, and videos.

Additionally, you can find comprehensive guides. There are guides related to the Phyton Discord community, but also general Phyton guides (related to the programming language).

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