PhytonistaCafe is an online, invite-only, paid community for Phyton and software development enthusiasts and professionals.

The community is invite-only. This means you need to apply and wait for the founder to review your application. If you are a good fit for the community, you will receive an email with the information to complete the payment and join. PhytonistaCafe costs $49 per quarter. This means that you won't face trolls or offensive behavior inside the community, since all members are looking to discuss Phyton seriously.

PhytonistaCafe creates a professional environment where you will meet Phyton developers and hobbyists from all over the world. For this purpose, the community has a private forum where members discuss all things Phyton and ask programming and career-related questions.

As a member, you will receive the founder's guidance through replies to posts and one-on-one coaching. For the latter, you will need to book a session on a specific date and time beforehand. Apart from this, you will also access the founder's Phyton training. It includes courses and books, which will further accelerate your learning.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Dan Bader

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Receive professional guidance:
Dan Bader, the founder, guarantees special support through booked private one-on-one coaching sessions. Also, he is constantly participating in the forum to solve members' questions.

Access Phyton courses:
By joining the community, you will access the special Phyton training by Dan. It includes books and courses for you to train yourself and dive deeper into this awesome programming language.

Interact with fellow developers:
As this is a paid community, all members are serious developers interested in expanding their knowledge. This provides a professional environment to share ideas and learn from others.



To become a member, you need to fill out a form and wait some days for the founder's approval. Once you get it, you will receive specific information to complete the payment and join the community.



Members of PhytonistaCafe sometimes gather in person in the United States. Generally, they participate in developer events and conferences such as the PyCon US in Cleveland.

Networking Events

Members constantly interact through the community's private forum. This is a space that aims to connect all developers with the purpose of getting to know each other and solving daily questions about programming. Another possibility is to participate in some in-person meetings (for people living in the United States) which will allow you to create deeper relationships with members and make new friends. Overall, is a great community to meet like-minded developers interested in Phyton.


Once you become a member of PhytonistaCafe, you will access the exclusive Phyton training by Dan Bader. It includes courses and books for you to train yourself in Phyton programming.


"I love the forums. It's just the kind of community I hoped it would be - positive, friendly, helpful, and encouraging. It even inspired me to go to PyCon in May since it looks like a number of us will be there!". -Katrina Durance

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