Pixel Joint is a community for art lovers in which people can create their own NFTs and participate in weekly challenges. As a member, you can save your favorite collections, leave comments and rate them, and upload your own creations.

The community was created for pixel artists but if you love pixel art, there is no need to be a professional. You can learn from the tutorials that many members share constantly. Also, you can access the forum and explore different challenges, collaborations, and artworks.

You can register for free but you need to wait 24 hours before accessing the forum. This is due to the large number of people interacting frequently.

If you really like pixel art, you can donate between $5 to $50 to the community. The money will go towards the development of activities and contests for the artists, such as prizes.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Founders:

    Luke Sedgeman

  • Amount of members: 800
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community by and for pixel artists:
Pixel Joint allows you to browse through the artworks of different pixel artists. You can give them feedback by rating their work and leaving them comments, as well as creating your own NFTs and sharing them with the community!

Get access to tutorials and other resources:
Members of Pixel Joint are constantly sharing tutorials, tools, and useful software. It's an awesome place to learn more about pixel art.

Participate in activities and contests:
By joining Pixel Joint, you can participate in weekly challenges. These contests allow you to showcase your best work, get exposure, and even win some prizes.



No requirements.





Learning Events

You will have access to free tutorials posted on the site where you can learn about animation, backgrounds, coloring, anatomy, details, light, and many other topics related to pixel art.

Networking Events

24 hours after you complete your registration, you will have access to the online forum. Inside, you will interact virtually with many creatives worldwide. You can also join the Discord group "Pixel Joint Official" and be notified of weekly challenges to share your creations and rate others'.

Discord is the main channel to interact with other members. To join, you need to register in Pixel Joint and publish at least one piece of art (your own creation). Make sure you read the server rules before begin to interact!

Content Library

Members of Pixel Joint have access to an art gallery, free tutorials, tools for game development and graphics, comic books, and comic strips.


"Updated my Radar 2 poster for #Pixelween2021 thanks to the awesome feedback and tips of the community. It feels so good to know that you can have that much support ♥" -@brocco_draws

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