Powerful Ladies is a community that gathers women entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses and grow their careers. The community actively empowers women and provides them with tools to achieve their purpose.

The community offers support and free tools. However, if you wish to receive deeper guidance, Powerful Ladies has a paid membership plan. It costs $99 a month and it includes weekly calls, coaching, events, workshops, resources, and tools, along with surprise bonuses. You can also pay for this membership annually to get 2 months free. It costs $999 a year.

Among the free resources, you can access the founder's book library. It contains books addressing arts, health, marketing, history, management, entrepreneurship, money, travel, and other topics. Another incredible resource is the ultimate business checklist. This tool will help you build a safe and strong business, with a healthy foundation.

The community also hosts a podcast with 163 episodes. In each episode, there is an invited guest who proposes a key topic with helpful advice for succeeding in business. Powerful Ladies also hosts other events. These are mainly virtual and you can register for free.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Kara Duffy

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Receive coaching:
If you feel stuck in your career or need help to grow even further, this is the place for you. Powerful Ladies offer weekly coaching calls. You can receive personalized guidance and also participate in group calls.

Find useful tools:
The book library, the podcast section, and the ultimate business checklist are amazing tools for learning about entrepreneurship. All of them will help you expand your knowledge and build a strong career.

Get empowered:
This community is a support network where you will be guided and advised to achieve your purposes. All of those who identify as woman entrepreneurs are welcome to join.


No requirements.



Members who are part of the paid membership usually meet bi-weekly. The meetings consist of virtual calls that have a coaching component to receive personalized guidance and learn from others' experiences.

Learning Events

The community organizes recurrent virtual events. They are mainly conferences and panels with expert guests discussing key topics in entrepreneurship and business.

Networking Events

The community includes a members-only chat and feed for women to connect and interact with each other. There is also a "Powerful Ladies Near Me" feature, that allows you to network with local woman entrepreneurs to bounce off ideas and share knowledge. Lastly, Powerful Ladies also organizes other networking events to bring members closer.

Content Library

The resources available include the founder's book library, a podcast section, and the Ultimate Business Checklist.

The book library offers a wide range of book recommendations, including topics from business and entrepreneurship to health and arts. You can also subscribe to the mail list to receive curated, exclusive content.

On the other hand, the community's podcast includes over 160 episodes. Each of them discusses a different topic and provides advice from experts. You can listen to the podcast on the website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Youtube.

Lastly, The Ultimate Business Checklist was created by the community's founder to help women build successful businesses with a strong foundation.


"Join this community of kickass female entrepreneurs to level up your business. Each workshop is overflowing with invaluable information – you'll leave with ideas running through your head, pages of notes, and empowered to get into action immediately. Join this group to not only be empowered, have a supportive/accountable community but get sh*t done." -Kendra Eaton

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