Rebus is a regulated investment platform to bring crypto investing to traditional financial institutions. It has two online groups for members to interact.

Rebus' main goal is to build the best crypto products to improve traditional investment models. Thus, it focuses on providing DeFi investment opportunities for traditional investors.

On the website, you can check the community's progress since 2021 and its future projects. To do so, you can visit the "Roadmap" section. Besides, you can explore the "Docs" space which is an introductory knowledge base. It has an explanation about Rebus, an economic overview, some tutorials and tools, and sections for wallets, airdrops, and development issues.

Additionally, Rebus offers a blog. All articles have diverse founders' participation. In some cases, there are interviews in which they address the most common questions asked by members.

To ensure members' participation, the community has a Discord server and a Telegram group. Both online groups offer channels to announce events, projects, and promoting lively debates about crypto and DeFi.

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Access useful resources:
Rebus has a "Docs" section where you can find tools and tutorials. It also has tips, extensions, and useful CLI commands.

Participate in events:
Through the Discord server, you can keep track of the community's events. These are generally live Rebus Q&A sessions, among other events held on special dates.

Expand your network:
The Discord server allows members to hang out and discuss different topics related to crypto. They have the chance to share several types of resources and bounce off ideas with each other.


No requirements.


Networking Events

The community hosts casual live quiz sessions. The details are published in the "events" channel on Discord. Besides, community members have a "Community" section to chat about everyday topics, share memes and suggestions, discuss ethical issues, and join AMA chats.

Content Library

To access content, you can visit the "Docs" section on the website. It offers a series of resources organized in an index. You can learn how the platform works through the "Introduction" space. Then, in the "Economic Overview" section, you will find native assets, Rebus block rewards, and supply API data.

There are also tutorials, tools, CLI commands, and tips to learn about wallets, development, and airdrops.


"When I heard about the Rebus mission, I realized “this is it, this is how DeFi will expand into institutional CeFi; a bridge between traditional and innovative finance."" -Brunelo Pianca

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