The Inner Circle is a group of high-level entrepreneurs who meets to share their struggles and find solutions together. With Russell Brunson leading the experience, you'll find a space to surround yourself with world-class business owners. Lay on a group of smart and service-focused professionals to discover innovative ways to thrive.

You can join if you're raising $1,000,00+ in annual revenue and meet the standard requirements. Apply to be part of a selected group of successful fellows seeking to boost their profits without limits. They have three categories to ensure you'll be in touch with the right people.

With in-person events and resorts, it's an opportunity to build your own network around like-minded peers. Participate in yearly masterminds to discover the next strategy to follow and open yourself when you need support. Receive invitations to members-only gatherings to forge new connections and inspire others with your triumphs.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Russell Brunson

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join a service-focused community:
Get surrounded by people fighting with the same roadblocks and discover new strategies in a diverse group of entrepreneurs. The diversity of perspectives and experiences ensures you'll find a solution to move forward.

Participate in exclusive events:
Attend two group mastermind meetings and private events every year. Join in members-only resorts and be part of personal coaching sessions and make the most of the experience.

Receive expert help:
Get advice through coaching calls with people mastering entrepreneurship. Use the space to ask your specific questions and ideate possible solutions to thrive. Keep your goals on track and discover the skills you need to sharp to achieve the expected results.

Networking opportunities:
Stay connected beyond in-person meetings in private Slack channels to bond with successful people and support each other to grow. Meet people sharing similar interests to unlock new opportunities and open yourself when you're feeling stuck.

  • Yearly Cost


To be considered for membership, you need to meet the requirements established for the category you're applying for.

They offer three memberships categorized by yearly revenue. Inner Circle for life is open for entrepreneurs raising $1,000,000+, Inner Circle Kings allows business owners earning $10,000,000+, and Inner Circle Atlas offers an exclusive space for people raising $25,000,000+ in revenue.

Despite the category you'd like to join, members must meet standard requirements to be considered:

        • Must maintain a minimum of 7 figures a year.
        • Must be a "Two Comma Club" winner.



Membership includes two private events and two group mastermind meetings each year. Members are also invited to exclusive cruises and resorts to bond with fellow entrepreneurs and work on personal wellbeing. With monthly calls and personalized coaching sessions, you'll get to discover the next step to follow towards growth.

Networking Events

The community offers a space where you can connect with similar people to forge new relationships. Members consider the circle as a family where they can open up and discuss any life challenges. Within private Slack channels and a Facebook group, you can stay in touch with your fellows beyond meetings to strengthen the group.

Content Library

Russell Brunson has a Youtube channel with recorded masterminds and talks advising on eCommerce and business-related topics.


"Russell has been extraordinarily successful at helping people to figure out new ways to make money in this new economy. There are so many people in internet marketing, and there is so much hype and BS, he was a breath of fresh air to me." -Tony Robbins

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