SaaS Friends is a free community for SaaS founders who are making over $20K MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

To join, you need to be a SaaS founder making over $20K MRR. You will have to prove with a screenshot that you are currently over that number to enter the community. You will also need to provide your company name, website, and your LinkedIn profile.

The vetting process ensures high-quality conversations inside the community. You will only find founders who overcame problems that early-stage startups normally have, and who are now facing other issues. It's easy to relate with fellow founders inside the community because everyone is more or less on the same part of the journey.

SaaS Friends works inside the platform Circle. This online group is where members connect and interact. It's an excellent place to ask questions, provide feedback, request advice, and share resources with others. Sharing your goals will also help you with accountability. There are over 130 founders currently inside SaaS Friends.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Davis Baer

  • Amount of members: 130
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Meet other founders:
SaaS Friends is a community that only accepts SaaS founders with over $20K MRR. This ensures that everyone in the group is passing or has passed similar challenges, keeping the conversations relevant and helpful.

Get help with your startup:
SaaS Friends it's a supportive community where you can ask questions, provide feedback to others, and request advice. Sharing your next goals will help you with accountability as well.


To join SaaS Friends, you have to be a SaaS founder with over $20K MRR (monthly recurrent revenue).


Networking Events

Community members interact and connect inside the community in Circle. Since all members are required to provide a screenshot that verifies their MRR, the quality of the conversations is high. You can discuss your wins and struggles with other founders that are in a similar position as yours, making the conversations more valuable.

Besides meeting other founders, the community is great for asking questions, providing feedback and advice, and sharing useful resources with others. Sharing your goals will help with accountability as well.


"I love to share and hear from people who are passing or have passed through the same things that I am." -Alandre de Carvalho

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