Salescast is a free online community for podcasters who are interested in growing and monetizing their audiences.

The community function through a Slack group. Additionally, there are no requirements to join the group. You just need to provide some information related to your interests in being part of the community and your current job role.

Once you join the group, you will find two main channels. The first one is to network with like-minded marketers and salespeople. The second one is to discuss sales and podcasts. Members use this community to ask questions, bounce off ideas with others, and share insights.

Salescast offers courses, tutorials, events, and production services to help marketers and professionals grow their careers. The events are virtual and the community always records them for those who could not attend the session.

There is an option to monetize your podcast. However, the requirement is to have at least 200 downloads per podcast episode in order to join. After you upload your podcast, sponsors and advertisement will be the key to monetizing through Salescast.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Collin Mitchell

  • Amount of members: 390
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Monetize your podcast:
If you already have a podcast and wish to get money from it, then Salescast is the perfect opportunity for you. It offers the possibility to post your podcast and receive support from sponsors and ads. This way, your podcast will become more popular and your earnings will increase.

Learn from others:
The world is constantly changing and it's important to keep track of the changes in the podcasting industry. Through the events and courses that Salescast offers, you willl gain knowledge and expand your experience.

Find fellow podcasters:
The Slack group provides the perfect scenary to meet other podcasters and network, creating new collaboration opportunities and making new friends.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Salescast offers events such as webinars to address trendy topics and the latest news in the podcast industry. Commonly, the topics are oriented to "how to" questions. It's easy for members to register for these events and start generating new knowledge to grow their podcasts.

It's not a problem if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend Salescast's events, since the community has decided to create a library with recordings of past events for members to watch on-demand.

Networking Events

The community interacts through a Slack group. Channels like "Welcome" and "Salescast Banter" are where members go to interact with the newer people in the group. New members commonly introduce themselves by sharing their social media channels as well as their interests and what type of podcasts they do.

Content Library

Salescast's main resource is its video library. This is the place where members can find all recordings from past events to watch on-demand.


There are different online courses open to all members. Most of them comprise a series of recorded videos and allow you the possibility of studying at your own pace. Moreover, new course materials are updated weekly. Some courses are derived from past events. For example, "How to grow your show" was a popular event that currently is a free course.

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