Seed Club is an experimental social token incubator fostering new ways for communities to profit and produce value on the internet. This DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is committed to sustaining crypto projects believing that social tokens are crucial for future economies.

This community is backed up by a group of early social token issuers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Its mission is to help creators conceptualize, create and launch Social Tokens. The Seed Club support creators in designing the mechanisms of a solid community to launch and distribute their tokens. Members navigate the world of liquidity and discover how to create genuine value.

The group meet in Discord where they organize online meetups and participate in chat rooms to ask for feedback.

The Seed Club has an Accelerator Program where participants learn, connect and build a future leveraging web3 technologies with social tokens at the core. You'll learn how to capitalize the value of communities along with fellow leaders in a six-week collaborative program.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Amount of members: 4,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Accelerator program:
Participate in a six-week schedule to build with top pioneers and leaders in social tokens, DAO's, cryptocurrency, NFT's, and web 3. Discover how to hone your community and token-building skills through guided exercises and coaching sessions. The program's mission is to provide the tools needed to create long-term value for your tokens by taking advantage of the group of experts leading the cohort.

Join a network of builders:
With a community of 2,500+ supporters, Seed Club joins NFT collectors, creators, and builders, social token experts, web3 builders, and angels funds to support you in your project. You can be part of the Discord community and engage in discussions with diverse creators from all over the world.


No requirements.



Members organize meetups and expert talks shared in Discord. Accelerator participants have bi-weekly coaching meetings to receive personalized help and feedback from token experts. Within these meetings, peers help each other through accountability groups and participate in guided exercises.


Learning Events

The community hosts weekly learning sessions, workshops, and talks led by successful token creators and legal experts.

Networking Events

The community members engage in Discord to discover new people within the token sphere, and exchange project updates to receive valuable feedback.


You can apply for the Accelerator program, a cohort where you'll learn how to build long-lasting value for your tokens, creating new ways to communicate with your audience. The program is a six-week length, and you can apply if you're already working on your Social Token project.

Participants get involved in a collaborative learning experience where top pioneers and leaders in social tokens, DAO's, cryptocurrency, NFT's, and web3 guide the group in practical exercises.

For being part of the program, you need to pledge 3% of tokens and have already passed the exploration phase of your project.

Members get expert feedback and coaching sessions, along with peer-to-peer case studies and accountability groups. You'll be part of hands-on workshops, including minting tokens.

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