Self-Publishing School is a community for authors that offers a free online group and free training, along with paid programs and resources.

The community has a free online group on Facebook, where 30,000+ authors worldwide bounce off ideas and insights. It's a great place to discuss the writing process, publishing, and marketing for writers. The community can help you find accountability and meet like-minded writers to celebrate wins with. Additionally, you will only find relevant, high-quality conversations inside the Facebook group. This is because members can't share outbound links or self-promoting posts.

Besides being a great way to keep yourself accountable, this Facebook group is also amazing to ask questions and request advice. Others can give you the tips you need to get unstuck. Another way to get valuable information to enhance your career as an author is Self-Publishing School's website. The community has several free workshops and video training. Other resources include templates, worksheets, guides, lists, calculators, and more. Lastly, their podcast and blog are also free and full of high-quality information.

On the other hand, the community offers some interesting programs for authors. There are 7 different programs, and the program you choose will vary depending on your goals. All programs cost $6,000 and include one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching to accompany you through the content.

As a student of any of the programs, you will get lifetime access to the content, as well as one year of access to a private Mastermind Community. This community is awesome to connect with other authors and discuss the program's content. On the other hand, you will also participate in weekly Q&A sessions with the founder, Chandler Bolt. Lastly, there is $1,000s worth of discounts and special offers on the community's partners, which include software, book cover, and formatting companies.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Chandler Bolt

  • Amount of members: 30,900
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Leverage a proven framework for authors:
Self-Publishing School's programs take authors through a proven path to write, publish, and market their books, almost ensuring success. Each program includes one-on-one and group coaching to get help every step of the way.

Get accountability and support:
Students of Self-Publishing School's programs have one year of access to a member-exclusive Mastermind Community. There is also a free online group on Facebook called The Write Life, where you can join thousands of other authors to find accountability and celebrate each others' wins.

Enjoy free resources to enhance your career:
The community has not only free training and workshops, but also templates, calculators, worksheets, guides, lists, and more. Their blog and podcast are also another great source of information for writers.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Self-Publishing School's training programs are an awesome learning opportunity that will save you hundreds of hours in the process of writing, publishing, and marketing your book. Each program includes not only one-on-one tailored coaching but also group coaching available five days a week. Moreover, as a student, you will get access to weekly live Q&As sessions with Chandler Bolt, the community's founder.

Networking Events

Self-Publishing School has a free Facebook community with 30,000+ members worldwide. It's an awesome opportunity to connect with like-minded writers, bounce off ideas, and share experiences and wins with others. Inside, there are lively discussions about publishing, the writing process, book marketing, and more.

The group is heavily moderated to avoid members sharing outbound links and trying to promote themselves. However, the hashtag #MotivationMonday is where members have a free pass to self-promote and get to know other members' projects.

On the other hand, members of the Self-Publishing School programs join an exclusive community with fellow authors. Every program gives you access to an entire year in a member-only Mastermind Community.

Content Library

Besides the Self-Publishing School's blog and podcast, the community has a lot of other free resources for authors. There is a very comprehensive workshop called "How to Write & Publish a Bestselling Book in 90 Days" which is a great resource, along with the free publishing training and the workshop for aspiring fiction authors.

Additionally, the resources page on the community's website includes several other useful tools, such as templates, calculators, worksheets, lists, tutorials, and writing prompts. There are paid resources as well.


Self-Publishing School offers three programs to help authors publish their books:

On the other hand, they also offer programs for authors who have already published their books and now want help with marketing or building a community around the book. These are the "beyond the book" programs:

All Self-Publishing School's programs include one-on-one coaching, as well as group coaching available five days a week. Additionally, every week, students of the programs participate in Q&A sessions with the community's founder. Lastly, along with lifetime access to the program's content, you get one year of access to a member-exclusive Mastermind Community.

Benefits with other companies

Members of Self-Publishing School save hundreds of dollars by working with the community's partners. You can get exclusive discounts and special offers on book covers, software, formatting, and more. Some of Self-Publishing School partners are ConvertKit, Scrivener, Rev, Teachable, Rocket, and Ebook Launch.


Joining SPS ranks in the top five list of the best things I ever did in seventy years of life. If you have a story or a series of stories that you need to tell and if you want to tell the best story you can: join this program.“ -John Hornbeck

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