SMART Recovery is a global non-profit organization that helps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with addiction recovery programs.

The community was founded in 1994, and it has spent almost 30 years now helping people to overcome diverse types of addiction. Indeed, SMART Recovery has developed its own recovery program and diverse steps to take in order to gain control of your life back.

One of the pillars of the organization is local meetings. They have local meetings in many locations around Canada and the United States. Additionally, there are recovery meetings in numerous countries around the world. However, if you can't find a meeting in your local area, you can always participate in online meetings and benefit from the SMART Recovery program and training.

On the other hand, you can also interact with other members in the community's online forums. Both the forums and the meetings are great places to meet people who are also going through the healing process of recovering from addiction.

Moreover, SMART Recovery organizes events such as national conferences and other virtual events for members to gain new knowledge and motivation to continue their recovery process. You can also benefit from SMART Recovery's numerous resources, which include not only reading material, but also educational videos and podcast episodes.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 1994
  • Founders:

    Joe Gerstein

  • Amount of members: 319,300
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Find local meetings:
SMART Recovery offers local meetings in many different locations around the United States and in other countries. Additionally, you can participate in online meetings if there are no local meetings in your area.

Connect with others who are going through a similar situation:
This community allows you to find other people who are also going through addiction. This allows you to create a support group of people who are able to understand you and give you relevant advice.

Get helpful resources:
SMART Recovery's website is filled with useful resources for those going through an addiction recovery process, such as reading material, educational videos, and podcast episodes.


No requirements.



SMART Recovery provides support meetings worldwide, both in-person and online. The schedules vary per language and country. You can visit the meetings page (if you are in the United States or Canada) or the SMART Recovery International page to find meetings in diverse countries worldwide.

Learning Events

SMART Recovery organizes national conferences and virtual events for the global community. You can join these events to learn how to overcome addiction while interacting with like-minded peers.

Networking Events

You can connect and interact with other SMART Recovery members in the community's online forums. Inside, members are able to discuss each step of the process through sobriety, as well as share experiences and insights with others.

Additionally, in-person or online meetings and events are another great chance to interact with other community members.

Content Library

The SMART Recovery community offers several resources for its members. Among them, you can access a toolbox, reading material, articles from the blog, videos from the YouTube channel, a list of treatment programs and providers, and podcasts.


The SMART Recovery community helps to improve the lives of thousands of people from all over the world by providing an effective, free program to fight against addiction.


"I started to apply the tools I found here on SMART online some 15 years ago, but for real this time. I started to apply them even when I didn’t want to. I started to apply them even when I thought it was stupid. I started to apply them when I didn’t believe they would help. I didn’t just look at an old CBA. I updated it regularly with all the amazing new things I experienced. Try it, I dare you, and pay close attention to how much those pro-drinking/con-quitting columns change. I actually put pen to paper and put the things that upset me into columns using an ABC. And guess what, it worked. Or more specifically, I did the work in support of my own sobriety. Each of you has made a lasting impact on my recovery, whether you know it or not :) Love you guys!" -Leaf


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