Startup Alliance is a global community open for entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors at every stage. They focus on connecting peers from all over the world regardless of their income.

Inspired by mastermind groups, they host private alliances where business people join with professionals working in the same field. You can be part of a small group of entrepreneurs to ask your questions, support each other, share insights, and organize events. These topic-specific alliances are spaces where you can bond and trust in your peers to improve your outcomes. Premium members can also create new groups and decide who can participate in them.

They offer three different membership options to support your company throughout each growth stage. You can sign up for free to access the Entrepreneur's nucleus with limited features or choose a premium plan if you're serious about success and leadership.

Alliance and Company memberships unlock more community characteristics and allow you to participate in more alliance topic groups. Join as a premium member by paying a monthly fee starting at $10.95. Organize your own events, actively participate in discussions and appear in members listing.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 1999
  • Founders:

    John Knapp

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Work private with a small group of entrepreneurs:
With topic-specific alliances to join, you can gain deeper insights and expand your perspective in an online gathering place. Attend live events, ask your questions in discussion forums, and create new relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. You can also create your own alliances and invite people to join if you're a premium member.

Create your personalized success plan:
They have a New Members Fast Track discussion group created to help you speed up quickly. You can also learn from the startup community wisdom within the knowledge-base section to improve your strategies and boost your results.

Create collaboration workspaces:
Team up with your staff, consultants, and advisors to set common goals and track your progress. If you want to keep it private, turn it into stealth mode. As a premium Company member, you can create your own spaces for free.

Your workspace will also guarantee a spot in the companies directory and tracking tools to make the most of your metrics.

Attend live events:
You can participate in live events organized by community members for free, and host your own within a private alliance.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

Associate membership includes access to twelve discussion groups categorized by topic. You can also participate in the global virtual office and real-time collaboration channels.

Create your public profile to attend events and join company workspaces.


No requirements.



Host private events within each alliance or participate in open Nucleus live meetings to engage with the global community.

Learning Events

Private alliances include virtual office spaces and concierge onboarding where you can share wisdom and receive help from experienced entrepreneurs. By attending AMAs and hangouts, members discuss and learn about industry trending topics.

Networking Events

Members join topic-specific alliances to interact with similar people. It's a place to discover new tools to implement at work but also it's a great opportunity to make new relationships with people chasing the same goals.

Through private discussion groups and live event spaces, be surrounded by inspiring and supportive people willing to support your entrepreneurship journey. The platform also has direct messaging features and private virtual offices to keep members connected and updated.

Content Library

Discover a resources section to enhance your skills and learn with case studies. Get inspired by introduction user stories and sharpen your time-management skills with productivity tools. They have a dedicated members' directory where you can find their companies with relevant insights.

Members also share their thoughts within the quarks section. It's a space to get inspiration and meditate on business core activities with a broader perspective coming from people around the world.


They have a non-profit organization to help governmental and non-governmental Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) around the globe. Its mission is to improve the entrepreneurial environment by providing resources to uplevel business owners' abilities regardless of the kind of company they run.

They collaborate with public and private incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and innovation hubs.


"I'm really impressed with the Private Virtual Office they provide. I used to work at LogMeIn which owns and GoToMeeting and I have to say, I like this tool a lot more." -Rachel D’Agostino

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