Sterling Sky is a local search forum that gathers thousands of members worldwide to discuss digital business and SEO.

The community has an online discussion forum with 7 main sections, which are all free. In case you opt for subscribing as a LocalU member, you will access exclusive LocalU forums. New members can use a discount coupon to pay half of the membership during the first month. It normally costs $129, so you will pay $64,50. Another pro feature includes receiving feedback from Google and SEO experts.

The free forum has an announcements section where both the moderator team and members post upcoming events and technical issues. Also, you can find local search discussions, algorithms updates & Google features. Other topics are related to consultants and websites. Moreover, the community has its own marketplace.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Founders:

    Joy Hawkins

  • Amount of members: 7,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Receive feedback:
By becoming a pro member, you will receive constant feedback from Google and SEO experts. You can ask your questions through the exclusive forums and find help.

Expand your knowledge:
As a free member, you can access 7 different sections. They discuss local search, SEO content, and website management, among other topics.

Participate in events:
There is a specific section in the forum for sharing upcoming events. Most of them are free conferences hosted by the community. However, there are some events that are exclusive to LocalU members.



No requirements.


Learning Events

The community hosts free events and other events that are exclusive to LocalU members. Free events are generally online conferences, webinars, and other virtual events (some of those are all-day-long events!). The latter events are similar to workshops with different guests addressing a specific topic.

LocalU events are exclusive to pro members. In some cases, members need to pay extra money to access some events, although they receive a discount. These exclusive events are mostly online conferences called "LocalU Advanced Virtual".

Networking Events

Members use the community's online discussion forums to interact. Most of the topics revolve around local search and SEO. However, members use the "Introductions, News, and Technical Support" section to introduce themselves, network, and casually conversate with each other.

LocalU members access private forums where they are able to communicate with Google and SEO experts. They also receive feedback and guidance for ranking their websites.

Content Library

Members share useful resources through a thread called "Local Content". Among the resources, you can find marketing tools and kits. There are also plugins, articles, and how-to posts.

Benefits with other companies

LocalU members receive discounts for attending some events such as conferences and webinars.

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