With more than 1,300 members and 47 countries served, The Coaching Masters are here to guide you in the process of becoming an online coach to impact people's lives and offer valuable life-changing services. They offer certified training for you to learn the tools and techniques you need to shark your coach skills and implement marketing strategies to launch your business.

The training program is for people who want to completely change the trajectory of their future and fulfill their potential as individuals.

You can enroll by paying a monthly fee of $29,99 and access to the certified coaching training course, 1:2:1 coaching session, gain access to a private community for members, and bonus training.

With membership, you'll also be assigned to an accountability coaching buddy who will help you to keep your goals on track through weekly catch-up calls.

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Complete Coaching training: Learn how to structure coaching sessions and learn the breaking limit formula to help people take action in their lives. Receive a certification that proves your skills for adding it to your website or social media and increase trust among your potential clients.

Private community:
Gain lifetime access to Facebook Mastermind groups to bond with fellow coaches. Learn from each other's experiences and build a strong profitable business together.

Accountability services:
With membership, you'll be assigned to a personal accountability coaching buddy who will help you with your goal setting and execution strategies in weekly catch-up calls.

Bonus training series:
Discover how to stay motivated to achieve your coaching business' goals and create lasting positive change by removing mental obstacles.

Access a complete collection of templates and tools for setting up your business.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can watch a free masterclass to discover how to change your life by starting your own coaching business and download a coaching starting guide.

You can also book a free 15-minute strategy call session.



No requirements.



Set up your goals and gain accountability skills in the weekly catch-up calls with your accountability buddy.

Learning Events

Receive a weekly video where founder Lewis Raymond Taylor answers the community questions about coaching businesses and a weekly coaching class with Liam James Collins.

Get weekly influencer insights Q&A with celebrity Jonny Mitchel.

Networking Events

Engage in Facebook groups and get to know 900+ coaches from 47 different countries and hundreds of different niches. Participate in discussions and help your peers in their own coaching journey. Hang out with like-minded people wishing to impact the world.

Content Library

You'll gain access to a virtual library of resources including eBooks, software, and recommended reading on topics such as coaching, business, mindset to lifestyle, and more.



Access up to 200 hours of training series for learning about Coaching, Business, Social Media, Mindset, and Lifestyle.



"The Coaching Masters have created a community like no other. They are raw & real and there’s absolutely nothing that can’t be achieved whilst learning from them. Loving the personal growth and expansion unfolding not just for myself, but for every other member in here!" -Karen Colquhoun

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