The Garden is an online free community for all curious people wanting to participate in fascinating talks on diverse subjects, led by world experts.

The Garden offers weekly Garden Talks. These are spaces to meet distinguished educators from all around the world. The community doesn't focus on a specific topic. Instead, it explores many different subjects for curious people to enjoy a new learning experience. The Garden also provides its members with a curated collection of past Garden Talks. Inside, you will find the most remarkable talks from the community's history.

On the other hand, The Garden is very welcoming, and you can join regardless of your background or professional experience. This community unlocks the possibility to expand your knowledge, participate in talks led by experts, and learn from others.

Lastly, the Garden has 10 learning categories. Each of them has posts and important events for that specific category. There is also a section dedicated to upcoming live talks for you to arrange your schedule for the talks that interests you the most.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Sophie Adelman and Simon Lambert

  • Amount of members: 600
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join weekly talks:
Garden Talks are learning events that feature educators from different areas of knowledge. You can join these talks to learn something new, and also ask all the questions you want to the expert.

Participate in fun events:
The community plan and share important events for all 10 different learning categories that The Garden focuses on. Some of these are free (you just need to register and save a seat) while others are paid.

Find inspiration:
The Garden is a place to learn about many things in life. This unrestricted exploration will allow you to find your North (in case you have not found it yet) and discover the topics that interest you the most.


No requirements.



Members of The Garden participate in weekly Garden Talks. Each week, these events address a different topic, and each topic is announced early in the Upcoming Live Talks section. Experts, professors, and scientists from diverse areas of knowledge usually guide the session. Garden Talks are also open to asking questions and interacting with other members.

Learning Events

The community hosts different learning events. Some are free (allowing you to only register to save a seat) while others are paid. All of them are online, but keep in mind that some require more than one session.

The structure is similar for all events. Typically, the first 30 minutes are dedicated to a topic-based talk, where an expert develops a specific subject. Then, the other 20 minutes are focused on addressing the audience's questions.

On the other hand, the events' topics are highly varied. You can find learning events about art, medicine, philosophy, history, nutrition, religion, and zoology, among others.

Content Library

Members of The Garden get access to a collection of past Garden Talks. These are mainly videos with a short description to select which talk to watch according to your interests. There are 13 collections in total, organized according to the area of knowledge they address.

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