The Knowledge Society is a worldwide community for ambitious kids who want to change the world. They join individuals from 13 to 17 years old in virtual and in-person programs to help them explore their creativity together.

Through 10-month programs led by experienced industry coaches, the kids have the chance to build amazing projects to impact the environment around them. Exploring topics such as the food crisis and artificial intelligence, they build problem-solving skills to bring solutions to real-world problems. Participants are working on innovative and varied projects to fight against diseases, solve the unemployment problem, and even predict stock market prices.

If you want to apply for a program, you need to keep track of upcoming application deadlines and follow an admission process. Program fees start at $439/month and require a deposit of $1,000. As they work towards education accessibility, 50% of students receive tuition support.

Apply to explore the mindset of a world-class organization and meet amazing kids with inspiring ideas to solve their community problems.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Navid Nathoo, Nadeem Nathoo

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join in worldwide programs:
Through innovation programs designed to explore creativity and solve problems collectively, students work with industry expert mentors to unlock their full potential. Weekly sessions with coaches and mentors facilitate students an environment to develop skills useful to impact the world with their creativity. They learn about emerging technologies immersing in a learning program that connects them with the Silicon Valley mindset.

Work with global organizations:
Participate in yearly challenges using advanced problem-solving frameworks led by top organizations from all over the world. Organizations such as the United Nations, Microsoft, Walmart, Lego, and other world-class companies participate in the schedule.

Get coaching support:
Receive guidance from mentors who built an industry experience across startups, technology, and investment to put your biggest ideas into action. Discover how to follow your own path and build projects to impact the world supported by people who will fuel your creativity.

  • Initiation Cost
  • Monthly Cost
  • One Time Cost


To be accepted into the TKS programs, students must submit an application and attend an interview. Programs are available only for kids from 13 to 17 years old.


Learning Events

With more than 40 modules to explore a variety of emerging sciences and technologies, students get involved in a focused area to develop meaningful projects with the guidance of experienced industry mentors.

The virtual learning program provides students with the resources they need to set up a project themselves by following a project-based learning approach. Participants get to create articles and multimedia resources to support their research, interview researchers in their field and build algorithms and computer projects.

Virtual sessions run through Zoom and Slack, and the internship opportunities are fully remote.

In-person programs include access to in-person events and office tours as well. The program includes 4 types of interactive sessions which are related to tech/ science, challenges, hackathons, and philosophy, and personal growth. Within these sessions, you'll find group discussions, hands-on and research activities, and presentations. Sessions are hosted at different times throughout the week and are designed to fit into the students' interests and personality types.

Networking Events

They are a worldwide community where students from all over the world connect and bond. The Knowledge Society seeks to facilitate networking opportunities among like-people who want to change the world. Through programs, events, and a strong community, they encourage individuals to be surrounded by people who can impact their careers and unlock their full potential. It's a space to build lifelong friendships through shared curiosity.

The learning programs are organized within Slack and sessions run in Zoom. After the 10-month programs, the community keeps helping billions of students by providing access to resources, learning modules, and mentors to support further alumni projects.

Content Library

They have a section where you can learn more about what students are doing to impact the world with their projects.


As they are committed to helping young people thrive in technology and make education accessible, 50% of their students receive scholarships with up to 100% of the tuition costs covered.


"Thank you @theksociety fam for all that you've provided + helped with. Directors, alumni and everyone in between. You guys are amazing. Grinding out projects + building + creating and thinking together. Strategizing and exploring. Advice. Bloody amazing friends. Role models." -Kevin Liu

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