The White Coat Investor is an online free community for physicians willing to learn how to manage their personal finance and invest.

The community's main objective is to provide guidance for professionals on how to manage their money, save, and invest. Indeed, it offers different types of content, including audiovisual and reading material.

One of its key features is the discussion forum. It includes up to 16 categories. Some of the topics revolve around budgeting, investing, insurance, loans, mortgage, and employment advice, among others. Members use the forum to interact with other doctors worldwide and learn how to better manage their finances. You can ask questions, request advice, and receive feedback on your investments.

Apart from participating in the forum, you can subscribe to the newsletter or listen to the community's podcast. This way, you will receive the most recent and useful information to achieve your financial goals. On the other hand, The White Coat Investor offers a library of books. It comprises key material to guide members in personal finance. Also, you will find a blog with how-to posts and interesting tips.

You can enjoy all the community's features for free except for the online courses. Their prices range from $299 and $1,099, depending on the course length and contents. Lastly, don't forget to join the community's subreddit or Facebook group to find even more members willing to discuss personal finance as doctors.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    James M. Dahle

  • Amount of members: 16,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Manage your personal finance:
Joining this community is an opportunity to discover the best strategies to manage your personal finance. Through the forum and resources, you will learn how and when to invest.

Take a course:
If you are interested in deeper learning, you can take different courses. These are paid and the price ranges from $299 to $1,099, depending on the course's length and content.

Access exclusive content:
The book library, the podcast, the blog, and the newsletter are great resources. They will help you discover the basis for successful financial management and make smarter investment decisions.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Members of The White Coat Investor participate in regular learning events. These are mainly in-person events with guest speakers and industry professionals. By attending, you will increase your knowledge of financial management and connect with like-minded professionals. Generally, events include a presentation, an AMA session, and a networking space. Dentists, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals often attend.

Networking Events

The community's online discussion forum is the place to connect with like-minded professionals worldwide looking to learn about personal finance and investing. Members dedicate a section in the forum for off-topic, casual interaction. The thread is called "The Lounge". Some common topics discussed in this space are house plans, board games, and rental cars. Members are also free to share pictures.

On the other hand, members join in person for group wellness activities. Some activities include playing golf, practicing yoga, and running. The main purpose is to have a good time while connecting to new people. Lastly, don't forget to explore the community's subreddit and Facebook group, where you will find even more members to interact with.

Content Library

The White Coat Investor offers different types of resources. The first resource is the monthly newsletter, which you can receive by subscribing for free. The second resource corresponds to the book library. For people into reading, this may be a good option to discover tips and strategies for managing your finances.

There is another space is for listeners. It's a podcast library with episodes from 20 to 60 minutes. There are 266 episodes available on the community's website. Some of these address particular topics while others are Q&A sessions with industry experts. You can also check the community's YouTube channel or blog. Both are full of unbiased information about personal finance and investing.


The White Coat Investor offers some paid courses. These are online courses addressing financial tips and investing strategies. For example, how to continue with your financial education or financial wellness. The price ranges from $299 to $1,099 depending on the topic and length of the course.


The White Coat Investor has donated 40,800+ books to students. Also, it offers 10 scholarships annually to promote financial education and stability among students.


"Thank you WCI! I would be lost financially if I hadn’t found your book, website, forums, etc." -Anonymous

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