The Wiress is a community dedicated to supporting student women in their startup building. Fostering a diverse and empathetic startup ecosystem, they encourage minorities to break into the business sphere to impose new standards. Their mission is to empower women as consumers, designers, funders, and lovers around the tech world.

Their founder, Emily Herrera, is a Computer Science Journalist sharing a strong passion for supporting innovators through investing and networking opportunities. She built The Wiress to connect early-career women-founders and investors with student women seeking to involve in consumer-based companies.

Members engage in Twitter to share their challenges, discover new resources and facilitate job opportunities for young students.

The community is a space for funders, talented students, and founders seeking to share their skills and resources. You can join for free and meet inspired women while you discover new job opportunities and internships to advance your career.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Emily Herrera

  • Amount of members: 178
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: Virtual


Make new connections:
Stay in touch with fellow women students looking to create unique things together. Members of the community share their experiences and resources while they encourage each other to reach their goals. You'll find a space where experienced women will guide you through mentorship programs and support.

Discover amazing projects led by brilliant women and find new funding opportunities to launch your ideas.

Job opportunities:
The Wiress' Twitter account shares a lot of useful information to find your first job or advance your career. Discover internships and programs to gain experience in the field of your interest.

Invest in future leaders:
As a certified investor, you can join The Wiress' syndicate and support young women to break into the business world. If you're a woman founder you'll be able to encourage young students through mentorship programs.


The community is only for students and recent graduates women. For joining in, you need to fill a form sharing your academic achievements.


Learning Events

Cohort members meet in fireside chats and mentorship meetups to receive guidance from non-student women. If you're a businesswoman aspiring to be part of the mentorship program, you can apply and work with them.


Networking Events

Members stay connected on Twitter to share their achievements with a like-minded community of student women. They support and encourage each other to break the barriers and build innovative products.



Join the Beta Club to be part of a cohort composed of 5-10 women for learning how to launch successful businesses and exchange support.

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