Tim Burd is a successful entrepreneur with several 7 figure exits running the largest Facebook Advertiser community. He offers mastermind groups, workshops, retreats around the world, and advertising consulting.

Mastermind groups are composed of 25 members and meetings occur around the world in amazing destinations. The small number of members per group allows you to receive personalized feedback for your digital marketing products and find valuable strategies through peer support and expert advice. Masterminds workshops are two days long and cost $4000. If you missed the events, you can replay them to access the two-days seminar for half price and learn about Facebook analytics, audience research, ads, landing pages, and more digital products.

Tim also offers more personalized and exclusive packages for those who are willing to increase their profit without limits, including the inner-circle program where you'll access him directly to answer your questions, access to mastermind and retreats, and also be able to get in touch with the most exclusive people while you learn how to take your business and networking to the next level.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Tim Burd

  • Amount of members:
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Mastermind workshops:
Join other 24 people in a workshop to find guidance and help for your digital products. You can participate in events where speakers and experts will help you bringing customized strategies to achieve your goals. This includes a $50/month price on a premium Ad Leaks membership for life and a VIP ticket to the Ad Buyers Meetup.

Receive expert advice by joining one on one consulting with Tim Burd by video call or in-person if you're local. You can buy from a 30-minute consult to full corporate training and get help to boost your business.

If you missed the mastermind workshops, you can purchase the replays to get deeply involved in what the groups learned on the two-days seminar.

  • One Time Cost

Included in Free Version

Tim shares some of his speeches and presentations for free so you can learn about his methods, Facebook ads algorithm, and more. There's also a Forbes article available with Tim discussing Facebook advertising


No requirements.



Participate in mastermind workshops with up to 25 members to learn about Facebook ads, landing pages, audience research, analytics, ads psychology, exclusive methods, influencers, eCommerce, and more.

Request a consulting session to meet Tim virtually or in person, and find help for your business participating in the exclusive inner-circle program to meet the most exclusive people and access Tim's private contacts.

Learning Events

Learn how to position your business through advertising and wise management in the mastermind workshops.

Content Library

Replays give you access to the mastermind workshop content including presentations so you don't miss anything about the event.

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