TogetherFriends is a community that allows women from the United Kingdom to meet other women and make new friends in their local area.

It's completely free to register and create your own profile inside the TogetherFriends platform. Once you register, you can start to browse through other members' profiles and find women near you. You will be matched with members with similar interests and from nearby places.

However, to contact other members you need a paid subscription. Membership at TogetherFriends costs £19.99/year. The membership allows you to interact with other members, chatting with them directly from the platform. If you have an interest in pursuing a friendship with that particular person, you can organize an in-person meetup.

The Eventsfriends page is full of event suggestions from members. You can browse through the different types of events and message the organizer directly if you'd like to join. Some examples of events are meetups to drink tea or wine, dog walks, visits to museums or fairs, holidays and trips, meals out, and regular get-togethers. Paid members can submit their own events to look for people in their local area. There are one-on-one events, as well as group events.

Additionally, the TogetherFriends paid membership allows you to join a private Facebook group with the rest of the members, as well as get interesting discounts on independent shops from all around the UK.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders:

    Helen and Bethan King

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Make new friends and meet other women:
TogetherFriends makes it easy for women based in the UK to find other women with similar interests from their local area and connect with them. You can chat with others directly from the platform and also meet in person.

Submit an event suggestion or join others:
The Eventfriends page allows you to see suggestion events from other members. There are one-on-one events and group events for you to join. It's easy to select the event you want to join and message the organizer directly.

Participate in a private Facebook group:
Paid members have access to a private Facebook group, where they can connect with all members of the community in a single place.

Included in Free Version

The free version of the community allows you to view Eventfriends offers and receive a monthly newsletter to always be up-to-date. On the other hand, you can also register for free and view women from your area with similar interests to match with.



You can join for free and view your matches with women from your area, but to contact them you must subscribe to a paid membership. Keep in mind that the community is for women in the UK, so to meet in person you have to live somewhere in the UK.



Networking Events

TogetherFriends it's an awesome community for women in the United Kingdom to meet other women from their cities and make new friends. The EventsFriends page allows paid members to submit events suggestions. Interested members can message the organizer directly, making it easy to establish a connection. You can submit your own events or look for events in your area. There are one-on-one events, as well as group events.

Before attending an event, you can get matched with other members and start chatting directly on the platform. This makes it easy to gauge whether or not you have the interest to pursue a friendship with that particular person.

Members organize different types of events in their local area. You can join others to drink tea or wine, participate in lecture groups, visit museums or fairs, take dog walks, or even find a holiday companion.

Additionally, paid members have access to a private Facebook group to connect with others and build deeper relationships.

Content Library

Members have access to a very active blog where they can find some interesting articles about several topics, such as mental health, meditation, exercises, cooking recipes, advice for daily life, work advice, interesting stories or facts about the community, etc.

Benefits with other companies

Subscribed members enjoy discounts to independent shops in the UK, such as Wharfedale Soaps, Judi Glover Art, May Contain Sparkle, and Cobham Permanente Makeup.


"I love your website, I have been a member for just a few weeks and have already met up with a lovely group of ladies in York. It really is such a brilliant way to meet new friends and so easy to use." -TogetherFriends member

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