UFC Streams is a free server in Discord where members watch UFC online streams and discuss mixed martial arts.

Is free to join the community's Discord server. However, watching the streams isn't free for everyone. The first 50 memberships are free to watch the fights. If you arrive later, you need to pay a $3 monthly subscription that allows you to watch all fights.

The community constantly shares UFC and MMA live streams. However, you can choose a role among NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, or Soccer. Additionally, there are four voice channels to talk about the streams with other members. Only one of them is free to access. The others require a membership:

  • Champion: access to exclusive roles and streams. It costs $7 per month.
  • V.I.P.: your name will be branded at the top of the server list, and you gain all roles with access to exclusive channels and streams. It costs $12 per month.

There are also other spaces in the server to talk about everyday life and off-topic subjects. These channels allow you to casually interact with other UFC fans and make new friends. You can also share memes and support Dana Black on Twitch. Lastly, by joining UFC Streams you will be able to access many resources. These are mostly NBA news, but you can also find pictures, links, and videos.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Amount of members: 700
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Watch UFC fights for free:
This community streams all UFC fights, and they are free for the first 50 people who arrive. You can also watch all fights by paying a subscription membership for only $3 per month.

Connect with other UFC fans:
UFC Streams includes channels to casually interact with other members and share off-topic stuff, allowing you to make new friends and meet other UFC fans worldwide.

Stay up-to-date:
The community has a specific channel focused on sharing news about the NBA, along with all upcoming UFC events. It's a great Discord server to stay informed on all the latest mixed martial arts news and trends.



No requirements.



Whenever there is a UFC fight, the community streams it for members to watch. Additionally, you can join fellow fans in many voice and text channels to comment on the fight and share your thoughts and opinions as it happens.

Networking Events

Members share experiences, opinions, and ideas through the community's Discord server. There are specific channels to discuss general mixed martial arts, share news on the field, and comment on different fighters' performances. Additionally, there are channels to casually talk with other members and share off-topic interests, selfies, or memes. It's, overall, a great server to find other UFC fans and make like-minded friends from all over the world.


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