Understory is a free community for people interested in doing business while also contributing to creating a more sustainable future.

Members of the community interact in a Slack group, where they can connect with other sustainability leaders. There are founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, non-profits, academics, and more. The diversity of the Slack group makes it for very interesting discussions and innovative views. 

In the online group, members bounce off ideas and share their experiences while trying to build a sustainable, successful business. You can also find many shared resources and even job postings.

On the other hand, the community hosts virtual events to educate business stakeholders about climate change and sustainability. First, you can participate in the monthly event "Startups Driving Sustainability". There are usually three entrepreneurs, who are invited to talk about how they built a business that doesn't harm the planet. Additionally, you can participate in webinars with industry experts. 

All past events are in the community's YouTube channel for you to watch whenever you want. The podcast and newsletter are also great sources of information for anyone who wants to learn about sustainability and its intersection with businesses. Lastly, by being part of the Slack group, you will be able to participate in Q&A sessions with the guests of the Understory podcast.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Jennifer Singh and Fabián Aguirre

  • Amount of members: 160
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community of people committed to sustainability:

The Understory gathers founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, non-profits, and even academics, to talk about innovative solutions and technology that can make it possible to do business while respecting the planet.

Participate in insightful virtual events:

The monthly showcase event for startups and the regular webinars with industry experts are great sources of information about sustainability and its intersection with businesses. You can also participate in Q&A sessions with guests of the Understory podcast.

Connect via Slack:

Members of Understory connect in a private Slack group. Inside, you can find insightful discussions on many topics, such as circularity and ESG. Members also share resources, industry events, and even job postings.



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Every month, Understory hosts a virtual event called "Startups Driving Sustainability". This event showcases founders and entrepreneurs building a successful, sustainable business. In these events, there are usually three entrepreneurs and sometimes a special guest. The highlighted startups are very diverse, and these meetings are a great opportunity to learn how to contribute to a sustainable future on the planet while at the same time building a successful business.

Learning Events

The community regularly hosts webinars and other virtual events to educate business stakeholders about what they can do to contribute to a more sustainable future. There are always industry experts invited to talk about a specific topic, such as innovations or technology that can make a business more sustainable.

Networking Events

Members of Understory connect via a Slack group. The private online group has diverse channels to interact with other leaders in sustainability. This group includes startups, venture capitalists, non-profits, innovators, corporates, academics, and more. It's a diverse space that can open you up to the possibilities in sustainable businesses.

The Slack group allows you to also have Q&As sessions with the Understory podcast guests. On the other hand, you can discover industry events shared by members and share/seek job opportunities. 

Content Library

You can watch past monthly events and webinars of the Understory on the community's YouTube channel. On the other hand, their podcast and newsletter are excellent resources for people looking to build sustainable businesses. Lastly, the Slack group is also an amazing source of information. Members share resources every day, discussing topics like circularity and ESG.


The Understory helps to spread information for free about climate change and sustainability to startups and businesses across many different industries. It uses technology and innovative solutions to help businesses contribute to a more sustainable future.

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