UX Mastery is a free community with an online forum for UX designers to seek and share UX advice and enjoy design discussions.

The community has an online forum made up of 8 main categories: News & Events, Water Cooler, Forum Support, Design Thinking, Feedback & Problem Solving, Tools, Process & Techniques, and Careers & Mentoring.

To improve your experience while navigating the forum, you can filter your search. It is possible to filter by category and tags. There are over 30 tags that will help you classify each entry according to its type. For instance, you can filter by article, help, survey, etc.

Besides the general forum, the community has some topic-specific groups. These groups vary according to your seniority and occupation, and you can join them after you register for the community. The groups are:

  • Senior or experienced UXers
  • UX researchers
  • New or learning UXers
  • Teachers
  • Team_UXMastery
  • TL4
  • UX writers
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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Luke Chambers

  • Amount of members: 5,800
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a thematic group:
Although all members are interested in UX design, there are specific groups according to the designers' profiles. You can find groups for teachers, UX writers, researchers, and senior and junior designers, among others.

Get deeper into the UX design field:
The forum is a great tool to learn more about UX design. You can learn from processes and techniques to daily design news. You will also receive feedback and support from colleagues.

Find a mentor:
Guidance is very important in the learning process. UX Mastery offers the option to get a mentor. This ensures you will receive support along the way and will have someone to lean on when you get stuck.



No requirements.



Members in different locations have started a new initiative to meet other members. They host meetups to find designers in their area. They have set up meetups in New York and London. Other locations are available in the post "UX Meetups – find one in your area".

Learning Events

The "News and Events" category is used to share upcoming external events, mainly directed to design researchers. Members share the events' links and the information to attend.

Networking Events

Members of the UX Mastery share ideas and thoughts about UX design through the online forum. Also, they can provide and receive feedback. Apart from participating in the forum, members of UX Mastery can join any of the thematic groups. These are directed to different seniority levels and areas of expertise. For instance, seniors, juniors, researchers, and writers. Lastly, they talk about off-topic stuff and other casual topics by using the "Water Cooler" category.

Content Library

In the forum, there is a section dedicated to "Tools". Members share and recommend tools and materials about UX design. There is also a fixed post with more than 200 tools for UX designers. It directs you to a huge list in chart format. It has the name of the tool, link, category, price, and some notes to learn how it works. On the website, you can explore other resources such as courses, books, conferences, degrees, templates, and more.

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