UXPH (User Experience Philippines) is the largest non-profit design organization and is the Philippines’ design resource hub since 2012. Their mission is to grow and nurture the Filipino creative community through sharing and collaboration. They envision the Philippines as an empowered culture where products and services are built mindfully and sustainably.

With over 6,000 local and international members in Facebook and Discord, the community encourages peer-learning experiences to enrich the professional career. You can join for free and receive invitations to meetups, workshops, design conferences, and mentorship sessions. Besides, you can participate in social events such as study groups.

Members participate in community events where they can get advice on how to enter the UX industry and land a job. You can join for free and access Discord channels with learning resources, career advice, portfolio reviews, networking channels, and job opportunities. Take advantage of the space to meet new people and engage with professionals. Share resources and experiences to help fellow members.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Elymar Apao, Aldrich Tan

  • Amount of members: 6,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


With 6,000+ members engaging in Facebook and Discord, UXPH hosts monthly events to get to know other designers and ask for guidance from professionals.

Receive expert help to build your portfolio and improve your services by exchanging resources with fellow members.

Engage in social events:
Hosting your own study sessions and networking meetings, members get to learn with each other and bond.

Join in study sessions to take advantage of peer-learning experiences. Get help with your doubts and promote growth among group members.

Mentorship program:
UXPH has recently partnered with ADPList to build the UXPH Mentorship program designed for aspiring designers and professionals. This partnership allows fellow UXPH members to grow and nurture in the design and tech industry through career advice, portfolio reviews, and leadership advice with ADPList’s global network of mentors.

Job opportunities:
Discover the latest job opportunities in the dedicated Discord channel. There are a lot of interesting positions for everyone.



No requirements.



UXPH organizes virtual meetups and in-person meetups every week or month. You'll be in touch with fellow designers from the Philippines and around the world. Meetups range from design and entrepreneurship talks, panels, workshops, or social events.

Learning Events

Participate in events to help you enhance your design career. Receive expert help and ask for a professional portfolio review to improve your services.

Networking Events

Engage in Discord channels where they have the opportunity to discuss any topic of interest, make new connections, and expand your network. Discuss and engage with the community. Get inspired by other designers and professionals.

Content Library

You can access past recorded events to learn and connect with speakers. Read the full State of UX in the Philippines report on Medium. It's the first study made by the UXPH Research Team.

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