Where are the Black Designers is a non-profit community that gathers black designers for them to grow in their careers.

The community brings together designers, creative leaders, and educators to boost their careers and reduce the race gap in the design industry. As it's a non-profit organization, it receives donations and it's run by volunteers. The community has its own website and a Slack group.

Moreover, WATBD has a job board. You can filter jobs by position level and position type. It's also possible to post a job offer by filling out a form. The job board is the community's initiative to diversify the design industry by ensuring black designers get career opportunities that fulfill them.

On the other hand, the community hosts some events such as conferences and talks. For each event, you will find the special guests and a short description of it. Additionally, the Media section includes recordings of past events for you to watch.

Lastly, the Slack group includes resources, links to articles, upcoming events, and general announcements. It will allow you to connect and chat in real-time with other members of the community, expanding your professional network and making new friends.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Mitzi Okou & Garrett Albury

  • Amount of members: 9,100
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: Virtual


Hire or be hired:
The community offers a job board for all position levels. This allows black designers to find a career opportunity that fulfills them and diversify the design industry.

Participate in events:
The community hosts conferences with special guests who address a particular topic. Additionally, there is a special annual event that approaches black designers' experiences.

Access useful resources:
Members of the community use a Slack group to share resources and articles. Generally, members share the links to these additional materials.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Members participate in learning events such as conferences. These are guided by experts and each one addresses a different topic. You will always find a moderator for each event. On top, members have access to the recordings of past events.

Networking Events

Members communicate through the Slack group. It has six channels to guarantee members' successful interaction. On the one hand, they have access to new announcements. Additionally, they have the chance to share articles and resources. And lastly, they can chat and welcome new members while they comment on upcoming events. The group is great to connect with other black designers worldwide and bounce off ideas.

Content Library

Members of the community use two channels on the Slack group to share resources. One is for general resources such as videos and recommended readings. The second one is for articles, especially research pieces and case studies. Additionally, the community's Youtube channel has recordings of all previous events.


The WATBD community allows black designers worldwide to connect with each other, access new career opportunities, and gain visibility in the job market, helping to diversify the design industry.

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