The Weekend Club is a co-working space for bootstrappers who build things on weekends. Members join to get inspired by fellow makers in a collaborative sphere.

The community is the result of the founder's experience and the COVID-19 impact in workplaces. As building in solitary can affect our performance and creativity, Weekend Club offers a space for working surrounded by fellow professionals. Share your ideas and ask for help in a community of bootstrappers like you.

Use the networking channels to ask for expert advice while launching new products or testing ideas. Join to be part of a group of people seeking to contribute to each other's growth through weekly meetings. Attend Saturday meetups to keep your goals on track, share your challenges and celebrate your triumphs with colleagues.

With 100+ discounts and deals for top software products in the market, members also save time and money automatizing their work.

You can take a look into the community for free, and if you find it matches your profile, you can be a member by paying a $39 monthly fee.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Charlie Ward

  • Amount of members: 60
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Meet fellow founders:
Join an active Slack community and engage with 60+ bootstrappers. Receive honest feedback from a community of experts.

Teams from top companies are in the Slack community willing to share knowledge. Take advantage of available channels to connect with the right people and uplevel your business skills.

Accountability support:
Participate in weekly accountability sessions to keep your goals on track.

Weekly remote sessions:
Meet the community at 10 am Standups (US Central Time) and 1 pm office hours. Ask for support for launching your products or testing something new.

Reflect on your weekly achievements and challenges with a supportive community.

Resources and deals:
Gain exclusive resources and discounts on top tools. Optimize your time and save money with automatized software.

Weekend-long projects:
Build amazing products within a weekend. Members join to create SaaS, web apps, native apps, eCommerce, podcasts, newsletters, productized services, and more.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can try it for 21 days to discover if the Weekend Club is the community you're needing.




No requirements.



Members meet in weekly sessions on Saturdays. Gatherings start at 10 am with Standup meetups, where members share their current projects and help each other.

At 1 pm they host office hours sessions to share important decisions and ask for community feedback. Use this space to test ideas and receive guidance from expert founders.

In the 4.30 pm retrospective sessions, you can reflect on your week's achievements and set new goals for upcoming workdays.

Networking Events

Membership includes access to a private Slack community where members engage and build new connections.

Discover networking opportunities with founders of top companies and get inspired by success stories.

Content Library

A Notion board with curated resources is available for members.

Benefits with other companies

Gain access to 100+ discounts on products like Stripe, AWS, Airtable, Sendgrid, Mixpanel, Bubble, Chargebee, Gocardless, Notion, Memberstack, Savvycal, Segment, Sentry, Unicorn, Typeform, Zendesk, WordPress, Stripe Atlas, and much more.


"I’m part of @weekendclubHQ. Awesome community of founders at various stages. Can’t recommend it enough!" -Sarwech Shar

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