Work on Climate is a free Slack community committed to climate change created by software engineers with the mission of contributing to the climate space by connecting startups and employers.

They offer a supportive community where teamwork and proactivity are the strongest values, and where you'll find resources to deeply get involved in climate work. You can join as a mentor or participant, and attend local in-person events and virtual meetups, access relevant programs, full-time job opportunities, and learning groups.

The community also offers several learning resources for people seeking to impact the world within their careers.




Supportive community:
Engage with people interesting in climate change and find new opportunities to positively impact the world. Share your experiences and learn from other's journeys. Participate in local in-person events to bond and build new networks.

Participate in learning groups and take advantage of peer-learning experiences. Stay update to join new programs organized in Slack channels.

Jop opportunities:
The Slack community has a special place for those who are looking for a job in the climate world. Find full-time job opportunities or participate as a volunteer in nonprofits.



No requirements.



Members meet in local in-person and virtual events where expert speakers are invited.

Learning Events

The community organizes learning groups to deeply discuss specific subareas of climate.

Networking Events

Participate in Slack channels to discuss and stay updated. Find people who share your values and exchange knowledge to support other's journeys.

Content Library

You can find non-members resources to learn and apply climate change actions within your projects.


Work on Climate is a free community where learning resources and job opportunities are offered in order to contribute to the career advancement of those who seek to positively impact the world.


"@workonclimate is a Slack-based community with a particular focus on being a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and skill levels to learn about different sectors of climate mitigation & adaptation, and to connect with potential collaborators." -Beau Cronin

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