Writers of Color is an online free directory that aims to create more visibility for writers of color and help them get new career opportunities.

The community provides an easily manageable platform for both writers and editors to list their work and find new job offers. Additionally, Writers of Color accepts volunteers and other people who want to lend a hand.

Although there isn't a job board inside the community, if you are hiring, you can post on Twitter, and Writers of Color will retweet you. For this, the community has a Twitter list. It works for this purpose and also to keep track of important community news and updates.

On the other hand, in the "Writers" section, you can find a directory of all current members of the community. Each profile has the writer's name, links to their work, the topics he/she focuses on, and contact information. You can filter your search by topic, location, or any keywords. This directory is useful not only to find people if you are hiring but also to connect with like-minded peers.

If you want to join the Writers of Color directory, you need to submit an application form. You will be asked for your personal information and the topics you specialize in.




Join a free directory:
The community allows writers of color to join a directory and get more visibility and new career opportunities. For this, you need to send your application following the instructions given on the form.

Get visibility:
The main goal of this community is to make writers of color more visible and introduce diversity in the writing field. Writers of Color want to facilitate members' access to publications and create a friendly platform for writers and editors.


To join the directory, you need to submit an application.


Networking Events

Members of Writers of Color interact through a Twitter list, which is public for all writers to participate. Over 1,000 people follow the list and interact with each other. Indeed, this list was created for the purpose of sharing job offers that may interest writers of color, as well as sharing the latest community news and updates.

Content Library

The community has a directory of writers of color. You can find specific information in each entry, such as the topics each writer works on and his/her contact information. Additionally, Writers of Color has shared the code behind the site on GitHub for anyone who likes to start a similar community.


This community allows writers of color to get recognition, more visibility, and new career opportunities, making the writing industry more diverse and inclusive.

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