YOLO Founders is an online free community to help founders and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and expand their networks.

Although the community has its own website, members' primary interaction occurs through a Discord server. It has a space to welcome new members and assign them a role. When you join, you may choose between the investor or founder role.

After having your role, you can start participating in the diverse channels. Besides discussing entrepreneurship and the process of building and scaling businesses, the community also shares startup tools. These are mainly links to articles or external resources. It's also common for members to share their social media accounts or showcase projects they are currently working on.

Additionally, there is a channel for events where members share links to free virtual events. Events are useful to learn about startups, investing, and fundraising. Lastly, you can go to the #freelance-help channel if you are looking for a job or need specific feedback.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Amount of members: 500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Boost your startup:
YOLO Founders focuses on providing tools and useful content for founders to boost their companies. There is also a space to receive feedback and showcase your talent.

Find a job:
If you are a freelancer, you may find a job in the #freelance-help channel. Members usually post job offers there for others to apply for.

Participate in events:
The #events channel has different links to external events. Most of them are free and open to a wide variety of topics. For example, you can learn about investing and fundraising.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Members use the #events channel to post links and information about external events. Most of them are free and directed to investors, founders, and entrepreneurs. The great majority of events are virtual. You can find conferences or webinars on fundraising, investing, and strategies to scale your startup. Additionally, members also share in-person events for those living in the United States.

Networking Events

Members of YOLO Founders interact through a Discord server. They discuss startup strategies and share useful tools. Additionally, the server also has spaces for feedback and finding a job. Furthermore, they have off-topic sections such as #general and #hot-topic for members to casually interact with each other. Lastly, they have four voice channels if you prefer to speak directly with like-minded peers.

Content Library

The community has a channel to share startup tools. Members usually share external links to useful resources. For instance, you can find entrepreneurs' toolkits and videos. They also post links to new platforms or additional communities for founders.

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