20 AI-Powered Marketing Tools to Watch in 2023

AI has revolutionized the way we work in marketing. Today, we explore 20 AI-powered tools you must watch for in 2023.

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Most marketers know that good marketing software is the most important tool in any successful campaign. However, adding an extra dimension to the strategy and using AI-powered marketing tools can make your job easier and better.

In recent years, many new startups have switched to AI and machine learning to offer better products aligned with the AI fever that has beaten all of us. And thanks to these advancements and the emergence of startups providing AI solutions, the way we work is fundamentally changing.

As marketers, we’re constantly facing new challenges. Also, customers’ needs are constantly changing. Digital marketers need to be on the cutting edge so they can effectively tackle new tasks.

Automation, personalization, customer experience, and artificial intelligence. There are plenty of tools that can help us perform more efficiently. Therefore, it is difficult to predict which specific AI tools will be the most useful for marketers in 2023. We have seen logo makers, avatar generators and of course, ChatGPT which has reached over 1M users in less than a week.

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The field of AI is rapidly evolving and new tools are being developed all the time.

Nevertheless, some popular AI-powered marketing tools that are likely to be useful for marketers in the near future include 👇

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of a strategy that takes your brand goals and uses content as a primary means to achieve them. There are two main elements in a successful content marketing strategy: creation and distribution.

Before you start creating content, it’s essential to define the scope of your content marketing strategy. That way, you’ll make sure that all the content you create is compliant with your brand and relevant to the needs and interests of your audience. Also, that’s how you use the influence of your content to convert your audience into customers.

#1: Midjourney

Midjourney is focused on using AI to explore new ways of thinking and to enhance human cognitive abilities. One of the key elements of this AI art service is that it allows users to generate images created with artificial intelligence based on input prompts on a Discord server community. You can find out more about Midjourney and its Discord community in our Unita directory.

💸 Price: users have 25 free queries to test the service. Then, they need to buy a membership. The Basic membership costs $10 per month, the Standard membership costs $30 per month, and the Corporate membership costs $600 per year.

🚀 Features

      • Generate images by inputting text.

      • Connect with AI-generated art lovers.

      • Explore AI-generated art galleries.

      • Share your artwork.

    #2: Grammarly

    Grammarly is the world’s leading AI-powered proofreader and writing enhancement service. Fundamentally, it helps writers save time. Its simple editor adds context-specific guidance and feedback alongside each word while typing. Therefore, it makes writers and editors more productive and confident in their writing.

    grammarly is an ai marketing tool

    💸 Price: it has a free plan that provides users with basic writing suggestions and tone detection. Then there’s the Premium plan for individuals costs $12 per month. The Business plan costs $15 per month.

    🚀 Features

        • Fixes grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

        • Checks consistency in spelling and punctuation.

        • Ensures your English sounds natural and fluent.

        • Rewrites hard-to-read sentences.

        • Ensures word choices are respectful and current.

        • Plagiarism detection.
        • Analytics dashboard.

      #3: Paraphraser.io

      Paraphraser.io is an AI-based tool to paraphrase content. This online paraphrasing tool uses advanced AI and machine learning technology to paraphrase text without changing its actual meaning. This app can help marketers create engaging content by providing alternative versions of existing text.

      Paraphraser can save time and effort when coming up with new ideas for blog posts, social media updates, and other marketing materials. It also saves marketers time by automating the process of content creation and allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their marketing strategy.

      💸 Price: It offers both free and paid plans. The free plan provides limited features, while the paid plans start from $7 per week and offer more advanced features.

      🚀 Features:

      • Multiple AI paraphrasing modes
      • Improve readability
      • Helps lessen the risk of plagiarism
      • Unlimited sessions
      • Available in 20+ languages
      • No sign-up required

      #4: Copy.ai

      Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool. It uses machine learning algorithms to create written content. This app helps writers save time and improve the quality of their writing through regular updating and adding of new features.

      YouTube video

      Also, users can stay connected in a community that you can find in our Unita directory. It’s a great way to keep updated on the latest trends concerning content creation, copywriting, and blogging.

      💸 Price: you have up to 2,000 words available monthly for free. The Pro plan costs $49 per month or $36 billed annually.

      🚀 Features

          • Copywriting tools.

          • Email support.

          • 25+ languages.

          • Blog Wizard tool.

        #5: Synthesia

        Synthesia uses AI to create personalized videos and other visual content. It helps content creators and marketers grab the audience’s attention and improve content marketing efforts.

        YouTube video

        💸 Price: the Personal plan costs $30 per month.

        🚀 Features:

            • 10 video credits per month.

            • Text to video.

            • +60 languages.

            • +50 templates.

            • Free stock images and videos.

            • Built-in screen recorder.

            • Custom backgrounds and background music.

          #6: ChatGPT

          With a user base of over one million, ChatGPT is quickly becoming a go-to solution for content strategists looking to improve their workflow and generate fresh ideas.

          ChatGPT has been specifically designed for conversation-generation tasks. It is trained on a large dataset of human-human conversations. Also, it has the ability to generate natural language responses to prompts given to it.

          One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to handle longer context and maintain coherence over multiple turns of a conversation. It is also able to generate diverse responses. This allows it to produce a range of different responses to a given prompt and avoid repeating itself.

          It was created by OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research startup. This business conducts world-changing research and develops open-source tools, all published under an open license. Above all, its mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits humanity.

          Lastly, OpenAI has a Discord community you can join with almost 1 million members!

          💸 Price: free.

          🚀 Features:

              • Keyword research.

              • Title suggestions.

              • Blog post outline.

              • Research and writing.

              • Editing.

              • Social media content.

              • Schema.

            Social Media

            It is crucial for social media managers to keep an eye on the latest developments in AI. They must be open to incorporating new tools and technologies into their work as they become available.

            However, it is also important to carefully evaluate any AI tools that you are considering using. This will help you ensure that they align with your goals and are effective for your needs.

            Some features present in AI marketing tools that could be useful for social media managers are social listening and analytics, automation, influencer identification and management, chatbots, and conversational tools.

            #7: Brand24

            Brand24 is a social media monitoring, social listening, and analytics tool. It uses AI to analyze social media conversations and activities. It also allows social media managers to track the performance of content and campaigns, and identify trends and insights.

            brand24 is an ai social media marketing tool

            💸 Price: The platform offers a 14-day free trial. If you choose the yearly plan, you get two months for free. The plans go from $39 (Individual) to $249 (Enterprise).

            🚀 Features:

                • Mentions feed.

                • Discussions volume chart.

                • Marketing analytics.

                • Influence score.

                • Sentiment analysis.

                • Alerts.

                • Data exporting.

                • Filtering.

              #8: Hootsuite

              Hootsuite is a social media management platform that includes a range of automation tools. Its goal is to make tasks easier for social media managers. It can help you schedule posts, respond to comments and messages, and identify relevant hashtags using AI.


              💸 Price: The platform offers a 30-day free trial. The plans go from $49 (Professional) to $739 (Business).

              🚀 Features:

                  • Plan and calendarize publications.

                  • Create unique and valuable content.

                  • Create and administrate ad campaigns.

                  • Monitor social media to acquire insights and trends.


                There are several AI-powered SEO tools available, including Conductor, Acquisio, and Lumar (formerly known as DeepCrawl). These AI marketing tools help businesses optimize their websites for search engines and improve their search rankings.

                #9: Acquisio

                Acquisio uses machine learning to optimize and automate paid search campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

                💸 Price: Acquisio tailors a pricing structure according to each business’ goals. Get in touch with the platform’s sales team for more information about pricing.

                🚀 Features:

                    • Local SEM sales tools.

                    • Ad-campaign creation at scale.

                    • Cross-platform budgets, KPIs, and more.

                    • AI-campaign performance tools.

                    • APIs, add-ons, and data connectors.

                    • Cross-publisher reporting and analytics.

                  #10: Lumar

                  Lumar is a platform that provides a full suite of website intelligence solutions. These include a cloud-based website crawling tool that uses AI and machine learning to analyze and improve the technical SEO of websites. It is designed to help businesses identify and fix technical issues impacting their search engine rankings. These problems include broken links, duplicate content, and crawl errors.

                  💸 Price: you can book a time to discuss the Lumar plan that’s right for you with the startup’s sales team.

                  🚀 Features:

                      • Comprehensive website crawl.

                      • Custom crawls.

                      • Real-time alerts.

                      • Integration with Google Analytics.

                      • Custom reporting.

                    #11: Conductor

                    Conductor is an artificial intelligence-powered SEO platform. It helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their websites. It also provides a range of tools and features that can help businesses optimize their websites for search engines, track their performance, and generate insights on their target audience.


                    💸 Price: you can discuss the Conductor plan that’s right for you with the platform’s sales team.

                    🚀 Features:

                        • SEO auditing.

                        • Keyword research.

                        • Content optimization.

                        • Rank tracking.

                        • Insights and analytics.

                      Affiliate Marketing

                      Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought to the business. Affiliates typically earn a commission based on the sale of a product or service. Or on a specific action taken by the customer, such as filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter.

                      AI-powered tools can help with affiliate marketing in a number of ways. These include optimization and targeting, generation of personalized recommendations, and automation of workflows.

                      #12: PartnerStack

                      PartnerStack is a cloud-based affiliate marketing platform. It uses AI and machine learning to help businesses manage and optimize their affiliate marketing programs.

                      💸 Price: fill out the form on their website so PartnerStack’s team can give you a tour of the platform and create a plan tailored to your unique growth objectives.

                      🚀 Features:

                          • Affiliate recruitment.

                          • Affiliate management.

                          • Custom tracking links.

                          • Automated commission payments.

                          • Custom reporting.

                        Customer Service

                        AI-powered tools can make customer service more effective in a number of ways. It can automate routine tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions or routing customer inquiries to the appropriate team or agent.

                        Also, it helps personalize interactions and provides 24/7 availability. Overall, it helps improve efficiency as it helps businesses give clients faster and more personalized customer service, leading to consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

                        #13: MobileMonkey

                        MobileMonkey is an AI platform that allows businesses to create and manage chatbots for messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

                        MobileMonkey offers a variety of features and tools to help businesses create and customize chatbots, including templates and integrations with popular CRM and marketing platforms. These can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer support, lead generation, and e-commerce.

                        💸 Price: the Startup plan costs $59 per month if paid annually.

                        🚀 Features:

                            • Chatbot builder.

                            • Integrations.

                            • Automation.

                            • Multichannel support.

                            • Analytics.

                            • Customer support.

                          #14: Moveworks

                          Moveworks is a cloud-based service and AI chatbot. It enables consumers to connect with customer service in real-time, helping support staff and reducing operational costs.

                          This AI platform uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. In other words, it helps companies reduce the burden on IT staff by automating the resolution of support issues through natural language understanding and deep learning capabilities.

                          💸 Price: fill out the form on their website so Moveworks team can provide you with a demo and create a plan tailored to your unique goals.

                          🚀 Features:

                              • Employee experience insights.

                              • Moveworks API.

                              • Integration partners.

                              • Intelligence engine.

                              • Triage.

                              • Multilingual support.

                              • Performance dashboards.

                            #15: Manychat

                            Manychat is a chatbot platform that allows businesses to create and manage chatbots for messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. This AI tool offers a range of features to help businesses create and customize chatbots. These include templates and integrations with popular CRM and marketing platforms.

                            These chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer support, lead generation, and e-commerce. Manychat also offers a visual chatbot builder and a range of automation tools to help businesses streamline and optimize their chatbot campaigns.


                            Manychat helps customers find the right product inside Instagram DMs.

                            💸 Price: you can get started with access to Manychat basic features to engage up to 1,000 contacts for free. The Pro plan costs $15 per month.

                            🚀 Features:

                                • Facebook Messenger chatbot.

                                • Instagram marketing automation.

                                • SMS texts with customers.

                                • Connection with customers via WhatsApp.

                                • Integrations.

                              Email Marketing

                              #16: Seventh Sense

                              Seventh Sense is an AI tool for email marketing campaigns. It helps businesses ensure emails are delivered at the right time for each client. Therefore, this personalized service allows marketers better engage with their audience.

                              The platform also helps increase email deliverability, which improves the sender score. This is an important parameter for companies that send hundreds or thousands of emails per week. Seventh Sense is designed to work only with Hubspot and Marketo.

                              💸 Price: the monthly price starts at $64 for Hubspot and $360 for Marketo.

                              🚀 Features:

                                  • Optimizing email marketing campaigns.

                                  • Split test automation.

                                  • Deliverability audit.


                                AI marketing tools can help with e-commerce in several ways, including personalization, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, chatbots, and social media management.

                                Overall, artificial intelligence can help e-commerce businesses optimize their marketing efforts and improve customer experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

                                #17: Dynamic Yield

                                Dynamic Yield is an AI platform that offers a range of tools for e-commerce, including personalized recommendations, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics.

                                dynamic yield platform

                                💸 Price: if you have any questions about Dynamic Yield’s products, services, pricing, or plans, you’ll need to just fill out the form on their website and a representative will be in touch shortly.

                                🚀 Features:

                                    • Customer data management.

                                    • Personalization & targeting.

                                    • Recommendations.

                                    • Testing & optimization.

                                    • Behavioral messaging.

                                    • Triggering engine.


                                  AI marketing tools can help businesses manage their online reviews in several ways, including sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, review classification, and review response automation. Overall, these tools can help startups optimize their reviews, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

                                  #18: Podium

                                  Podium is an AI marketing platform that uses machine learning to analyze customer reviews and extract relevant keywords and sentiments. It also provides tools to help businesses respond to customer reviews and track their performance over time.

                                  YouTube video

                                  💸 Price: Podium offers new clients a 14-day free trial. Then, if billed annually, the Essentials plan costs $249 per month, the Standard plan $409, and the Professional plan $599.

                                  🚀 Features:

                                      • Sentiment analysis.

                                      • Keyword extraction.

                                      • Review response automation.

                                      • Review tracking.

                                      • Review management.

                                    Market Research

                                    Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about a specific market or industry. It is used to identify opportunities and challenges, understand customer needs and preferences, and inform marketing and business decisions.

                                    The goal of market research is to gather data that can be used to make informed decisions about marketing strategy, product development, and other business-related matters.

                                    In this context, AI marketing tools can help analyze customer reviews, social media posts, and other online content to determine the overall sentiment of the business’ content. Also, it can be helpful to extract relevant keywords, in customer segmentation, and predictive analysis.

                                    #19: Google Trends

                                    One of the most popular AI tools to this day is Google Trends, a marketing tool that allows businesses to track and analyze search trends over time, providing insight into consumer behavior and preferences.

                                    💸 Price: free.

                                    🚀 Features:

                                        • Search trend analysis.

                                        • Regional analysis.

                                        • Comparison analysis.

                                        • Related topics and queries.

                                      Influencer Marketing

                                      There are multiple ways AI marketing tools can help with influencer marketing. For example, AI algorithms can analyze social media data to identify individuals who have a large follower base and high engagement on their posts. This can be helpful for businesses looking to partner with influencers for promotional campaigns.

                                      AI tools can also analyze influencer performance, optimize influencer targeting, generate content for influencers, and even manage relationships (scheduling posts, tracking payments, and providing analytics on the performance of influencer campaigns).

                                      #20: Upfluence

                                      Upfluence uses AI algorithms to identify and evaluate influencers. It also helps companies manage their relationships with influencers by automating tasks such as scheduling posts and tracking payments.


                                      💸 Price: Upfluence has a free Chrome extension and tons of free resources. If you want to access a paid plan, feel free to contact them via their website.

                                      🚀 Features:

                                          • E-commerce tools.

                                          • Influencer discovery & analysis.

                                          • Campaign management & analytics.

                                          • Product seeding.

                                          • Affiliate marketing.

                                          • Influencer payments.

                                        Business Presentations

                                        Lastly, AI tools can also help create unique and compelling business presentations. Some ways artificial intelligence can be useful in this marketing area is to create charts, graphs, and other visual aids, or transcribe and summarize spoken content. Also, it can generate personalized presentations, provide real-time language translation, and analyze audience engagement.

                                        #21: Visme

                                        Visme already has more than 17 million users in 133 countries around the world. It uses AI to create personalized presentations and visual aids. It also has features for creating charts, graphs, and other visual aids, and for tracking audience engagement.

                                        💸 Price: Upfluence has a free Chrome extension and tons of free resources. If you want to access a paid plan, feel free to contact them via their website.

                                        🚀 Features:

                                            • Create presentations.

                                            • Design infographics, social media graphics, and mockups.

                                            • Collaborate with other creators and designers.

                                            • Create flowcharts.

                                            • Integrate Visme with other apps and platforms.

                                          Bonus: Additional AI-Powered Tools!

                                          #22: Perplexity

                                          Perplexity is a free AI-powered search engine that allows you to search large sets of data by using natural language. This means you don’t need specialized, technical knowledge (such as learning SQL) to use Perplexity. 

                                          The tool delivers accurate answers to complex questions by compiling information from multiple sources, helping you save time when researching for creating content. Perplexity also includes the sources it used for delivering your answer and recommends related questions for you to refine your search.


                                          💸 Price: free.

                                          🚀 Features:

                                          • Concise answers from multiple sources.
                                          • List of citations and sources.
                                          • Recommendations for related searches.

                                          #23: Moly

                                          Moly is an AI-powered writing assistant that allows you to create content faster and save time by breaking through creative blocks. 

                                          To use the tool, you simply need to select what action you want to take (such as generating blog post ideas, paragraphs, and titles, answer a LinkedIn message, or writing an email). Then, simply write the topic and the keywords you want to include and press on “Generate“.


                                          💸 Price: free for up to 5,000 words. Then, $14.99/month for up to 100,000 words and $34.99/month for unlimited words.

                                          🚀 Features:

                                          • Generate social media posts. 
                                          • Create blog posts.
                                          • Craft text for ads.
                                          • Compose emails.
                                          • Get product descriptions.

                                          #24: Bito

                                          Bito is a tool that uses the same AI as ChatGPT to answer technical questions. Bito can answer with pre-made codes or instructions, which allows you to save time. Additionally, the tool replies in natural language when necessary, for example, if you ask for definitions.

                                          On the other hand, Bito is also useful to check codes for security vulnerabilities or to get explanations of certain pieces of code.


                                          💸 Price: free.

                                          🚀 Features:

                                          • Generate code.
                                          • Get command syntax instructions.
                                          • Generate test cases.
                                          • Check a code’s security.
                                          • Get explanations of codes and concepts.

                                          #25: AI2sql

                                          The AI2sql tool is great for both technical and non-technical people to obtain SQL queries without necessarily knowing SQL. This way, you can search databases and retrieve the data you need to make better marketing decisions.

                                          AI2sql supports many databases such as MySQL, Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, and Oracle PL/SQL. 

                                          💸 Price: the Start plan costs $7/month, while the Pro plan costs $17/month. Both plans include a 7-day free trial.

                                          🚀 Features:

                                          • NLP capabilities.
                                          • SQL generation.
                                          • Multi-language support.
                                          • Works on diverse databases.

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