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coding mentors
coding mentors

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Mentorship is invaluable for all developers, especially those in the early stages of their careers. Beginner software engineers can benefit from the feedback coming from coding mentors to get unstuck and improve computer science skills.

From one-to-one code review sessions to weekly expert-led workshops, pairing is an effective way of boosting your professional growth and building new connections.

If you are a self-tough programmer—as most of us are—having a coding coach means you can count on trustful support, clear roadmaps, and accountability

Here, we will guide you through the five best online communities that offer developer mentorship programs to help you find a mentor or mentee. Regardless of your experience or background, these groups are excellent places to learn from other software engineers and improve your coding skills.

Why You Should Join a Developer Mentorship Program

Matching with a coach is an excellent way of accelerating your career. Mentees explore new ways of solving everyday obstacles and learn to code aid by more experienced people.

Some people who turn to coding coaches are looking for career advice. Others want the relationship component found in a pair programming group. 

See why devs are looking for mentors ????

In addition to that, mentorship programs are becoming more common in tech companies because they are beneficial to both employees and their employers. These programs are so popular because building relationships among professionals at different stages of growth promotes employee acquisition, wellbeing, and increases productivity.

Some organizations like the Society of Women Engineers, for example, helps employees who belong to minority groups. Others work on building confidence in the workplace through personal and personalized success roadmaps. 

On the other hand, developer mentorship programs always include training and coding review sessions. You can test your skills in real-world challenges while learning from expert coaches in specialized online coding courses.

Where to find online coding help

There are lots of ways to get coding mentors that offer great mentorship at a high level. For this you can:

• Use a personal network

Search LinkedIn with the title based on what you want in order to find people who already know and who work in that field. Dare to send them a note and ask if they are willing to start a phone call or have a cup of coffee!

Besides, you can search for groups exclusively for professionals working in your industry. These niche communities are great to expand your network and build authority.

• Attend coding events in your city

This is one of the best and most effective ways to meet local programmers who have already worked in the field for some time.

• Search and communicate

directly with colleagues that, in your opinion, are a good option for you. For example, you could dig in tech Slack groups and forums like Freecodecamp or Codeacademy.

There are online communities for developers where people can answer your questions about the programming language you’re learning.

As you’ll see, finding a coding mentor or coach can be easier if you surround yourself with experts regularly. At the end of the day, the most experienced always provide valuable knowledge with which people learn to get better every day.

Match with a coding coach in online communities

With the foregoing, you learned how to guide yourself in the search for coding mentors to learn to code like a pro. If you want to start your search for a good mentor to give you coding help online, take a look at the best online communities.

• Visual: Just like the name implies, this is a community that is dedicated to visual development on its own. Within it, freelancers have the opportunity to learn and grow. To enter, you only need to fill out a form and apply. Then, you will have access to the more than 300 workers that are already inside.

Once in, you’ll enter a platform with spaces to share tips, advice, and partner with talented professionals.

• Web Dev and Web Design: With more than 30 thousand members, this Discord server stands out as one of the strongest in web design and development. In this community, you can find job opportunities, feedback support, and virtual events to attend. Best of all, admission is free.

• Deen Developers: Members of this community brainstorm new ideas together in hackathons, workshops, and challenges. They develop software programs to solve problems locally and around the world.

deen developers cover image

• Co.Lab Learning: Team management, Web3, growth marketing, and product creation are the main foundations of this Discord server. Having more than 500 users, this community focuses on learning to improve the experience of the users within it. In addition, you have the opportunity to enter online courses that will take you to another level.

It’s a place for creative makers to develop all kinds of exciting projects and unconventional products.

• Changelog: We end this list of coding mentor servers with a server of 5200 members. This company has had authority since 2009 and has 50 different channels to sign up for. It is a safe space to connect with fellows and share your knowledge.

Pair programming: programs to achieve professional growth

Pair programming is a software development technique in which two programmers work together in a single program.

It’s great to pair up with experienced programmers or mentor a newbie and build technical and leadership skills.

Working in pairs also enables you to find issues faster, which can save you a lot of time and money.

As an example, the first programmers to work on the ENIAC machine early in 1940 did so in pairs because they decided that this was the most effective and quick way to grow.

As a beginner or expert programmer, developer mentorship programs are efficient because they always encourage knowledge feedback. Therefore, getting good coding mentors will help you enhance your skills in this field and achieve the professional growth you want.

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